The Bachelor: The Women Tell All review: Josephine’s lipstick, Lacey’s antics stand out most

Josephine's lipstick -On tonight’s The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, who knew that the main event was going to be Josephine’s lipstick … or a number of barely-memorable people who were desperate for airtime. Remember Lacey? We vaguely do. What about Liz? Did you know that she hooked up with Nick Viall at Jade and Tanner’s wedding?

The big takeaway is that we had a lot of Bachelor in Paradise auditions that took place tonight, as some of the women who went home early determined that this was their opportunity to make a name for themselves in hopes of getting cast again. They felt the pressure, and as a result of that, they tried to rise to the occasion.

Yes, most of Twitter spent their time commenting on the likes of Josephine and Lacey, but we figure there are a few other “important” topics that we should get to.

Most Likable – Kristina by far, since the entire cast gave her a STANDING OVATION as she recounted most of her story. If there is actually one person on this show who really deserves to find real love, it’s her. She’s the one who’s putting her heart on the line in a way she rarely does, and she’s been through so much more than most of the other women.

Most Insistent to Prove Herself – Taylor. She’s got good points, but she continues to put herself in situations where she can’t get out of her own way. By now, she should know not to mess with Corinne just because there is no point in doing so.

Most Frustrating – Corinne. By far. Basically, she made everything about her and refused to apologize for much of anything. She’s obviously someone production loves, but the biggest issue that we had was this: Why are we glorifying her ridiculousness and belittling Taylor for being educated? She didn’t always present it in a good way, but it’s certainly not a bad thing.

Bloopers – Easily the best part of the show. Yet, it was only a minute or two out of 120.

Ultimately, this is a show that is most just filler. We’ve gotten rather used to that over time, and it’s something that is not going to change at any point in the future. This is a show that, inherently, is going to feel like a waste of time, and something not entirely authentic. Odds are, there are some people who turn up here who are not really a part of the show and want air time. There are going to be some random audience members who seem like production plants.

Then, at the tail end the guy comes out and says almost nothing. Nick did that, and for some reason the audience ate it up.

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