Is NCIS: Los Angeles renewed for season 9? Not yet, but here’s hope

Is NCIS: Los Angeles renewed -Is NCIS: Los Angeles renewed officially for a season 9? The bad news is that the answer to this question is “no.” However, at the same time, there is a reason to be excited about the future of the show based on the latest bit of Twitter evidence.

The post on Twitter below comes courtesy of unit production manager Rick Tunell, who posted a schedule of everything that is going to be coming up as we get further and further into the season … and also made it clear that there are two episodes coming up this spring for season 9. What this means effectively is that the show is planning ahead in the event that the show does get renewed by the end production, and that they are going to be “banking” a couple of episodes for the fall. This enables them to return to work a little bit later in the summer in return for working a little bit more in the spring.

This particular practice of banking episodes is one that we’ve seen the show do in the past. Specifically, we saw the show do this back when Michael Weatherly filmed a guest spot, and it’s a practice that Law & Order: SVU in particular does fairly regularly.

So when do we expect a formal renewal for this and many of CBS’ other top-rated show? The easy answer is at some point later this month. They have until May, but the network does have a tendency to announce their new episode orders early. Even for the shows that don’t bank episodes in advance, it does benefit everyone involved to have a little bit more time to plan ahead and figure out what they want to do as they move forward into their next batch of episodes.

For a show like NCIS: Los Angeles, we do have to hope that there are several more seasons of the show coming still. The ratings are such that we do think that there are two or three more viable years ahead; it could even be more, depending on how consistent the ratings are and whether or not the cast remains interested in being a part of this world.

If you do want to get some further news when it comes to the show, be sure to head over to the link here.

Do you want to see NCIS: Los Angeles renewed for another season? Share some of your thoughts with a comment! (Photo: CBS.)

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