TV Madness 2017: Power and Major Crimes gear up to battle

Power and Major Crimes -In the second of today’s TV Madness 2017 battles, we’re getting a chance to put the spotlight on two programs in Power and Major Crimes that have devoted followings, and also probably are deserving of far more press than either one of them receive. Could winning this tournament help to rectify that? We do think that it’d certainly be a nice start for them … but they’ve both got a lot of competition and a long road to go down before making it to that point.

Just as we’ve done within every other article, let’s get into know profiling the contenders before opening things up for the public voting.

Power (#4 seed) – Here we’ve got a gritty, powerful, and well-acted crime drama that is all about just how much being in control can lead to being corrupted. It’s a show that brings so much to the table when it comes to drama and different dynamics, and you never quite know what is coming around every turn. We don’t want to spoil any major story arcs in these articles for people who haven’t seen every episode, but let’s just say that we never in million years imagined that James St. Patrick would end the season anywhere near where he did.

Major Crimes (#5 seed) – Meanwhile, this is another show with a devoted following that takes on crime — though it’s often more about solving crimes than some of the people working on the other side of things. It’s a show that continues to go strong on TNT, even if this season it was wedged in an unfortunate timeslot up against two other programs with very similar followings. What we like about it, even up against so many other procedurals, is that it still finds a way to have interesting character moments. The personal lives of Sharon, Andy, Julio, and some of the other characters are never abandoned for the sake of telling a generic story.

So how can you vote for your favorite show? It’s really simple — just share your pick in the poll below! You can vote however often you like between now and March 15. The winner will face off against either Outlander or Doctor Who, which is going to be a tough showdown no matter who wins there. The biggest thing to remember here more so than anything else is to just have fun! The whole purpose of this tournament is to celebrate all things great TV.

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