NCIS: Los Angeles offers Miguel Ferrer tribute with music, title card

Miguel Ferrer tribute -

Even before tonight’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode, it was clear there would be a Miguel Ferrer tribute. The show didn’t want you to be surprised by it, and they also wanted viewers to know for a while in advance that they were not planning to ignore the headlines surrounding the actor’s death. They had a journey that they were taking the character of Owen Granger on, and “Old Tricks” tonight was meant to be the end of it.

Ultimately, what we did see the show decide to do with the Granger character was have Hetty arrive to the hospital in order to find an empty bed. It would have been easy for the character to be killed off. For us, we much preferred the show opting to do something where somewhere, the character lives on. That’s a nice way in order to say goodbye, since we can still imagine Owen out there fighting the good fight. He told Hetty via a letter to tell the team whatever she wanted in his absence.

The use of music in the final scene of tonight’s episode with Hetty made the moment all the more powerful, as we got a rendition of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” as the end credits rolled. This was simple, but emotional and a way to celebrate the musical aspect of Ferrer’s life. We don’t think that the show could’ve done anything better under the circumstances

Also, the show aired following the episode a brief title card remembering the actor. We figure that the majority of the show’s viewers had heard the news of his passing by now, but this may have been either news for some or a reminder for others. We’re going to miss Miguel on the show, but we’re sure that many of the people who worked with him and knew him will miss him even more for the person he was.

Do you think that the show chose to do the right thing when it comes to their Miguel Ferrer tribute? Let us know in the comments.

Of course, our thoughts and condolences continue to be with Ferrer and his family during what has to be a very difficult time for all of them. (Photo: CBS.)

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