TV Madness 2017: Chicago Fire, Bones face off in round one showdown

Bones and Chicago Fire -This edition of our TV Madness tournament is all about two long-running shows squaring off. To use the college basketball metaphor further, these are two storied programs, battling to determine which one of them is able to further cement their legacy. With one of them in Bonesyou’ve got a show ending in a matter of weeks after an incredible run. For another in Chicago Fire, you’ve got one that is easily more than capable of lasting for many more years. All indications suggest that this could be one of the most epic of showdowns that we get a chance to see.

Just as we’ve done with every other edition of this tournament, let’s move ahead now to breaking down some of the key players.

Chicago Fire (#3 seed) – While the franchise around it continues to expand, it still has the distinction of being the OG. It’s the series that started the entire One Chicago franchise, and one that has its fair share of notable characters and powerful, relatable stories. One of the reasons for its immense popularity (it’s the top-rated of the franchise) is because it has such likable characters. You relate to them, and you want to root for them under almost every circumstance. It also helps that they inject a little bit of humor here and there even during some tough time.

Bones (#6 seed) – Meanwhile, we’ve got another show here that gets by on the strength of its characters, its mysteries, and also the little bit of fun that it sprinkles in here and there. Bones is the show that at times during its run, you probably took advantage of, thinking that for one reason or another, it’d probably be around forever. Now that we’re so near the end, the big merit of it winning this showdown would be another way of celebrating the show in its final year of contention.

Now, we turn this over to you in the poll below! Vote however often you like. As the photo above indicates, voting for this category is going to remain open from now until we get around to March 14. That’s when the winner of this and the Poldark Blue Bloods showdown will face off in round 2.

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