Criminal Minds season 12: The latest rumor ridiculousness

Criminal Minds season 12 rumor -Let it be known that there is one Criminal Minds season 12 rumor out there that has us particularly batty … and it has to do with discussion out of nowhere that the show is canceled or will be canceled.

We’ll start this article with an admission that we’ve discussed the ratings many times in articles. Just earlier this week, we reported that the show had some of its lowest ratings of the season. They adjusted up in the final figures following that article’s publication, but a 1.3 in the 18-49 demographic is still better than a 1.2. We published a piece discussing whether or not it was time for concern over the show’s future, and the answer there still seems to be “yes.” If you enjoy the show, you should be worried about the numbers being lower than the season before, which were lower than the season before that.

Yet, there’s a difference between a show having lower ratings, and then one that is on the verge of being canceled. That’s not happening. There is zero evidence that this is the final season, and despite what you may read on some other sites such as Counsel & Heal (which we chided recently for speculating that Mark Harmon’s health was going to make him quit NCIS), the boycott from some Thomas Gibson fans isn’t going to get the show canceled. Does it hurt the show? Absolutely (we of course miss the Hotch character, as well), but no one group of fans controls the fate of any show. Just look at how there were campaigns to get The 100 canceled last year, how people have tried to rally against Arrow, or even some of the people upset with NCIS.

The thing that we all have to remember sometimes is that television shows extend far beyond any audience of people on the internet. A good 90% of Criminal Minds viewers we never hear from. Many of them watch casually or in repeats, and haven’t tweeted about the show once. Maybe some of them left after Gibson did, or maybe they’re off doing other things. The facts are what the facts are, and they indicate that the show has lower numbers.

In the end, though, the biggest reason why the show will get a season 13 renewal is this: Criminal Minds is the #3 scripted drama on CBS in terms of adults 18-49, averaging just over a 1.4 in the demo. Here are the shows faring better at present with live viewers: NCIS proper and Bull, which airs right after it. NCIS: Los Angeles is close behind in fourth place, but so far in 2017 Criminal Minds has extended a lead. That show’s lost a big chunk of its viewers since the premiere, and it still has the entirety of its main cast.

We’re not trying to invalidate the opinions of anyone who is or isn’t watching the show now, since we understand all sentiments and, like we said, we do miss Hotch as well. We’re just trying to state that factually, there’s no evidence that Criminal Minds will be canceled. Whether it’s because of Gibson or not, though, there may be more reasons to be concerned come season 13 if the ratings drop further.

The one sentiment we don’t understand is publications trying to capitalize on the anger and frustration of a group of fans for pageviews. (Photo: CBS.)

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