The Vampire Diaries season 6, episode 15: Did Stefan – Caroline wedding happen?

Stefan - Caroline wedding -

The Stefan – Caroline wedding has served as a subject of conversation The Vampire Diaries even before the start of the season. Therefore, it was absolutely fair to question whether or not we would actually end up seeing it come to fruition.

Here’s the great news. Somehow, the two did manage to tie the knot on Friday night’s new episode in the midst of some of the sheer insanity that was going on around them. They figured out a way to tune out much of the distractions, and for the two of them to feel as though they could have a real, genuine moment together. By this token, it was rather sweet — as was much of everything else when it comes to nostalgia and getting so many characters together.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that not all nostalgia for people can be positive. Just remember for a minute or two here that Vicki returned, and her actions within the closing minutes set the stage for chaos moving into the series finale. Katherine is coming, and in many ways, you can argue that Katherine is the biggest reason why there was a dark cloud hanging over much of the Stefan – Caroline wedding to begin with. There was so much fear that she was creeping around every corner.

Kudos to Bonnie for showing up and standing behind her friend despite all of her grief — and great use of Michael Malarkey in the process as Enzo was not entirely gone from the world just yet (even if he was the world of the living). Bonnie was essential in making sure the wedding happened thanks to another big return in Kelly.

We know that there are some out there who will complain about the wedding just because it’s easy to complain about anything and everything that you don’t like when it comes to ‘shipping. We think that setting all of that aside, though, this episode did pay off many relationship threads, and offered up a hint of happiness. It may only be temporary happiness, but knowing that it’s there may be enough to satisfy some.

To preview the series finale, be sure to visit the link here right now. (Photo: The CW.)

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