Shark Tank review: The Sleep Styler, MealEnders, Blendtique Wine, Rareform

Sleep Styler -Tonight’s Shark Tank is bringing you The Sleep Styler, MealEnders, Blendtique Wine, and Rareform, and we’re here with a full review! Over the course of this article, we’ll be giving you a good sense of many of the great products — and also if they are able to get a deal at the end of it.

As always with these articles, we’ve got links below so that you can be taken over to your favorite company’s site — just in case you want to buy them for yourself!

The Sleep Styler – This is all about fixing hair — specifically, about the amount of time that you put into actually fixing said hair. This is a way to basically style your hair while you sleep. It’s a smart idea, even if we don’t know all that much about the industry.

Could this get a deal? Well, the Sharks were at least impressed with entrepreneur. She did a good job with a presentation, and also convincing them that despite not having a lot of industry in the hair industry (she’s an ophthalmologist), she’s still credible.

This was honestly one of the shortest negotiations ever. Lori Greiner wanted her, she was the right partner, and she was willing to accept a smart, fair counter. This product could easily by huge if it works as advertised, since it would save people SO much time on pretty much a regular basis.

Blendtique Wine – Can you customize your own wine? This company allows you to do just that. It’s an interesting way to build an experience around creating your own perfect wine, and then ordering it and having it for yourselves and your family. We didn’t necessarily see some of the concerns about being too expensive just because you’re talking about something that is about the experience as much as it is the price. Sure, the presentation was a little all over the place, but Lori took a risk in picking him up! We do think that this can sell, but it probably needs some more specificity and hype as a fun way to experiment with wine.

MealEnders – Trying to reduce cravings is a near-impossible thing to find a solution for. After all, different things work for different people. Probably the best thing we can say about the product is that this is the first time Mark Cuban didn’t tell someone off for false claims. The second-best thing is that it probably works for some people — maybe not everyone, but some people. The funny thing here is that the taste, per many of the Sharks, was unappealing by the end of it. Yet, that may be a part of the point since it helps to reduce cravings. Unfortunately, at the same time the taste is what may make many people not want to re-order. That was the big red flag that seemed to make many of the Sharks go out on it.

Still, maybe MealEnders wins the title of “most well-received weight-loss product in Shark Tank history.” If nothing else, it was simple to understand the science behind it.

Rareform – These backpacks are made entirely out of billboard vinyl. It’s an unusual idea, but the bags are very stylish. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of problems with the business behind the uniqueness of the idea — the two guys in the Tank only owned 40% of their company entering the Tank, and they only recently started making money.

In the end, there are MANY reasons why the deal they made with Kevin O’Leary is a big risk. We do hope that it works out for them because it’s one that could tilt in so many directions, but this is something that we’ll just have to see down the road. They took a big loan that could help them now, but they have to be able to pay it back.

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