Chicago season 2, episode 15 review: A story of heroes and losses

Yesterday, One Chicago gave you a three-part crossover that also gave you a first look at Chicago Justice. The ratings were great, and that makes you think that the franchise could be moving forward with four different shows for a rather long time to come.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of good news on Thursday night’s Chicago Med, given that a story about people trying to be heroes quickly descended into a series of tragedies. For Dr. Rhodes, that meant that he had to face the fact that he couldn’t save someone who was perceived a miracle man, a guy who fell more than 30 stories but was still technically alive. What made matters worse for him was his ability to tell the press that he was improving; he gave them false hope that he could strap on that cape and say the day, but unfortunately, he was unable to do so.

In the end, Connor had to figure out how to let go, even if it wasn’t easy, and admit his mistake. Sometimes, the best heroes are the ones who end up admitting to their flaws.

Dr. Reese’s own hero problem

Her patient this week was a man with some serious delusions of grandeur about him needing to be a superhero, but he ended up instead finding a way to be a hero to someone without the costume. Later on, Dr. Charles accused her of creating undue expectations for him through her practices. She staged a situation, and this was a pretty enormous mistake that she had to correct.

Basically, she found a way to try to make him better by giving him a hospital volunteer badge. It was a way for him to actually try to help people, while also not wearing a costume and playing make believe.

April’s tragedy

Her baby lost her heartbeat, and she, unfortunately, didn’t have the ability in what we saw tonight to stop in and actually talk about how she was doing or figure things out. She chose to keep doing her job, and she pushed hard in order to make it happen. It wasn’t until the closing minutes that she started to settle in and realize that she couldn’t avoid it anymore. Tate came to be with her, and they prepared for whatever the future would bring.

Other odds and ends

For Ethan and Natalie, they continued to work with a patient who was desperate to continue to undergo stem-cell treatments. He knew that he was putting his own life at risk, but he had a personal feeling and investment in continuing to do them. “Heart Matters” was the title for this episode, and this was in the end all about heart and finding a reason for someone to have hope … even without any scientific evidence.

Our overall take

This was yet another powerful, devastating episode of the show that was about hope at times, but also realizing at others that you have to face and tackle reality. Every person has a little bit of a hero in them, but there is also a need for patience and making measured moves. Grade: A-.

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