The Vampire Diaries series finale: Ian Somerhalder on Katherine’s return

Katherine's return -

Katherine’s return to The Vampire Diaries is almost the equivalent of throwing a grenade into a room. You know that it’s going to cause chaos, and you know that there are very few ways in which it’s going to be good for anyone. In making it clear that she would be the new overlord of Hell with Cade gone, the writers decided that they wanted to bring the series to a close with a bang rather than a whimper.

So what impact will this other character played by Nina Dobrev make in the final episodes of the series? Let’s allow Ian Somerhalder explain that one, given that his comments to TVLine do a very good job of making that clear:

“Katherine’s a disaster … I mean, there’s nothing good about [her coming back] for anyone.”

Given that she did famously get dragged down to the underworld the last time that we saw her on the show, there is a reasonably good chance that something similar could be happening to someone else before the end of the series finale. There are two different ways that the writers could choose to go with this — the grim way that is probably closer to what the reality would be like for some of these characters if they were real (which is probably a little oxymoronic to say), or the idealistic way in which many of these vampires, despite being killers and doing terrible things, get something close to a happy ending … except for maybe Katherine. The thing that this show did try to reinforce time and time again is that despite many of their glaring and incredibly-obvious flaws, Stefan and Damon did have a certain element of humanity. Trying to see that explored further in the finale may start to make you believe that this is a show with a relative message of hope.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to take a closer look at the final episodes of the series. Stay tuned to this link.

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