Beyond Game of Thrones: How Maisie Williams could shine in other shows

Maisie Williams on Westworld -Game of Thrones will be ending before long — we don’t want to imagine that it’s the case, but the reality is that the final season is probably airing at some point in 2018. With that, doesn’t the timing seem right to imagine Maisie Williams on Westworld or other shows?

In this latest edition of our on-going Beyond series, we imagine what the woman behind Arya Stark would be capable of doing on some other shows. Basically, this is a chance to play imaginary casting director! Of the Game of Thrones cast, Williams is one of the most interesting people because she’s really versatile, and we’ve already had the chance to see her on two separate great shows in between Arya Stark here and Ashildr over on Doctor Who. With the HBO series’ schedule being what it is at present, there does seem to be plenty of room for her to do some other things.

Westworld – We already alluded to this, but wouldn’t it be really entertaining to see Williams take on the role of some sort of host on the second season? Put her in a position where she’s almost the opposite of Arya in terms of a story arc. Begin her off as someone violent, cold, and vengeful, and over time bring her to a place where you see more peace and understanding in her eyes. Let this be a journey to understanding humanity more than anything else.

Arrow – Remember Sin from one of the early seasons? She was a part of the Glades, and had a tie to both the original Canary Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and also Roy Harper (Colton Haynes). Bring in Williams as a former relative of Sin’s who helps to uncover her as she’s gone missing; or, have her put on that pretense. We could see Maisie having a ton of fun being a psychopathic villain.

The Good Fight – Now, let’s go away from genre fare to something more grounded. Have Williams star as a devastated millennial entrepreneur who relies on the help of Diane and Maia to get back some of the fortune that she’d earned after someone sabotaged her latest viral creation. Plus, this show would allow her to spend some time with former Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie, even though the two never actually worked together in scenes.

The Big Bang Theory – The one case in which she could play herself. Can you imagine one of the cast members meeting her at a convention somewhere and being completely terrified of her? While not all cameos like this work, it could be fun here if written from the perspective of how people perceive you because of your character as opposed to who you really are.

Shameless – Just in case she wants to make the jump to another cable network, wouldn’t it fun to see her play a good influence for someone like Lip? Maybe she could play here a new friend who he aspires to get to know better, but someone who forces him to be a better person. It’s about time that he got a few more good influences in his life, right?

What show do you want to see Maisie appear on in the future? Let us know some of your thoughts and ideas now in the comments! (Photo: HBO.)

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