Chicago Fire season 5, episode 16 return date: When Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney will return

Chicago Fire season 5, episode 16 return date -What’s the Chicago Fire season 5, episode 16 return date? If you’re watching tonight’s massive One Chicago crossover, we certainly understand if you have this question. After all, this crossover is going to be so epic that the moment you finish watching it, the next thing that you’re inevitably going to want to do is keep watching!

Here’s the bad news: You’re going to be waiting for a while for the next episode after this one. The title for the next installment is “Telling Her Goodbye,” and it is airing on Tuesday, March 21. That’s one of the drawbacks to having crossovers that air on different nights — they still go against the overall episode count. Of course, you’re compensating for that by getting a bigger, more emotionally resonant episode than ever.

Here are some further details surrounding what is coming up next when the show returns.

Synopsis – “When a turf war escalates, members of truck and squad find themselves caught in the middle as unsuspecting hostages when a group of armed gang members take cover and assume control over Firehouse 51. The situation turns even more dire when one of the infiltrators is wounded and in need of serious help.”

Admittedly, episodes surrounding turf wars can be challenging stories to tell, mostly because of the fact that you’ve got so many different characters you’re trying to become attached to, despite not really knowing anything about them going into the episodes. This one in particular could prove dangerous, mostly because you’ve got a combination of a medical crisis and a hostage situation seemingly at the same time.

The bad news here is that we don’t know much about specific character stories at the moment, but that is something that will probably be fleshed-out in the coming weeks. At present, we’re just happy to know that there are still several more episodes coming in the spring. It’s a longer hiatus than we’re used to, but there’ll be rewards on the other side.

What do you want to see on Chicago Fire season 5, episode 16? Share some of your thoughts with a comment, and click here for some further Chicago Fire news, including an episode review for tonight!

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