Scorpion season 3, episode 18 review: Happy makes a friend; Paige’s relationship change

Every episode of Scorpion somehow manages to feel both similar and different. Tonight was no exception to the rule, as we had an installment that featured of course relentless action, but also some important character development for one Happy Quinn in particular.

After all, Happy found something in this episode that she hasn’t quite been able to find before: A friend. We introduced tonight the character of Ada, a young woman who was an engineering genius, but at the same time had no immune system and had to live within a protective bubble-of-sorts to stay alive. When an accident led to some debris potentially bursting said bubble, the team was called into action in order to better ensure that she was protected.

As it would turn out, this proved to not be an easy task. Eventually, the team was able to get Ada out of this crisis, but another formed when her protective suit ended up causing her to have a potentially-dangerous reaction. From there, they then had to transfer her somewhere where she could be put in another sterile environment.

You probably expected that Ada would make it through the episode alive, but that wasn’t really the point of the story. This was more about the bond that Happy formed with her, and how this is something that she’s always struggled to do her entire life for people outside of Scorpion. She was invested in making sure she was okay, and that investment ended up being one of the reasons Ada was able to emerge in one piece.

Another fascinating little wrinkle in the story was seeing Paige bond with Ada’s father, giving her someone that she doesn’t often have on the show: Another person who can relate to her plight and what she goes through on a regular basis.

Paige’s relationship development

Elsewhere, Paige received some rather-unwelcome news as we learned that Tim wanted to stay overseas at his post far longer than he ever first imagined that he would. This led to tension, and in order to not hurt her or interfere, Walter started resorting to supermarket magazines for relationship advice. He tried to be there for her, but what he learned was that Tim and Paige eventually broke up. They are now more, and in theory, that means that she and Walter could get together!

Deep breaths, though. Rome, or a great relationship, wasn’t built in a day.

As for another relationship, Cabe and his girlfriend Allie also seem like they’re done. Alas, this came via circumstances that were easy to predict: She works for Sylvester’s opponent, and he couldn’t date her after realizing that she had posted something online that could hurt Sylvester. She didn’t do it of her own volition, but it didn’t matter. He’s loyal, and that’s something that means more to him than pretty much anything.

Overall, the night ended with a disco party, and Ada being able to join in a first dance with Sylvester from afar as the team tried to make her feel better about her present circumstance. There were heartbreaking moments for many characters tonight, but it was nice to see the story end on a happier note. Grade: A-.

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