Broadchuch season 3, episode 2 preview: A look ahead at David Tennant – Olivia Colman story

Broadchurch -What lies ahead on Broadchurch season 3, episode 2? If you were to think of the series’ momentum in the form of the analogy, it would be this. Think of an enormous boulder, one that is slowly rolled towards a hill in the premiere. For the rest of the season, you’ll see it start to roll down and build up momentum. It’ll start crashing into various stuff when we get closer to the finale.

One of the central events of the premiere episode was the horrific attack that took place. It was raw, engrossing, but we still at the same time give Chris Chubnall credit for finding an accurate was to portray sexual violence. The premiere episode brought you the immediate aftermath of the incident, and the beginnings of the investigation featuring David Tennant, Olivia Colman, and the remainder of our main cast of characters. (Let us say that after Kilgrave, it’s still interesting to see Tennant back in the skin of Alec Hardy.)

This is not a show that does tend to reveal much in terms of what is coming up now, but we are at least able to offer you up the following as a tease.

Synopsis – “Shockwaves reverberate through Broadchurch as news of the attack spreads.”

Yes, people in Broadchurch somehow continue to be surprised by the crazy events taking place in their town. Then again, we supposed that it takes a little bit of time to shake someone off of their whole perception that they live in an idyllic place where nothing can go wrong. More so than perceptions, the more important orders of business are resolving crimes. We’ll see how the story unfolds from here.

One other thing we are certainly curious to see is precisely what the ratings are for the premiere episode of the show, given the sole fact that it does have such a distance between seasons. Will viewers keep coming back?

What do you expect to see on the next new episode of Broadchurch, and how do you expect this season to compare to the ones that aired before it? Share in the comments below. (Photo: ITV.)

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