How to make a Blue Bloods season 8 renewal happen on CBS

Blue Bloods season 7

On paper, it feels like almost a given that Blue Bloods would be coming back for another season on CBS. Just remember for a minute here that this is a hugely-successful show with more viewers on Friday than anyone. Not only that, but you’re looking at a series that rules in syndication and has a number of people perpetually excited to watch.

Yet, for whatever reason, we’re not there quite yet. But, we know that we could be soon. Consider this article as your guide to helping to make sure a Blue Bloods season 8 renewal happens.

Keep watching live – Obviously, this is the most important thing. Here is one of the things that is the most remarkable about the season so far. Ratings are only down on average 3% in adults 18-49 so far this season as opposed to the average from season 6. The drop is about the same in total viewers. This is retention that other shows would BEG for. While there are series with three times the promotion, Blue Bloods stays strong with an extremely faithful audience. If this continues to hold for a long time, you have to think that it will continue to be thought as reasonably safe.

Bringing the promotion – Let everyone on social media know you’re watching the show, share your favorite episodes, and continue to spread the world. Given that this show does air on a rough night and isn’t all that promoted, that does often hurt its chances of coming back in a pretty significant way. This sort of built-in traffic is something that networks really are looking at as a big, integral thing to a show’s success in 2017.

What can the show do? – The biggest thing Blue Bloods could do to get the buzz out about the remainder of the season is 1) bring in some more notable guest stars like you just did Kevin Dillon, 2) allow even more people an opportunity to get to know your characters outside of work, and 3) finally bring Jamie and Eddie together as a couple. Enough of the waiting! It’s been long enough. These are the sorts of things that will bring you that watercooler conversation that you’ve been craving.

Is there anything that you think Blue Bloods can do to further ensure a renewal from CBS? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

(Photo: CBS.)

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