Billions season 2, episode 3 preview: Will Axe buy an NFL team?

Billions season 2Tonight, we have a feeling that many people watched Billions season 2, episode 2 early. After all, Showtime made that possible so that everyone out there could watch the Oscars … and they could preserve and maintain some of their ratings at the same time.

So where are we going from here moving into Billions season 2, episode 3? Well, there could be some fun moments ahead, even if they are steeped somewhat in the show’s trademark cynicism. Basically, one part of the story could revolve around Axelrod just finding a way to continue to celebrate precisely how wealthy he really is.

Synopsis – “Axe considers buying an NFL team. Chuck cultivates a low-level informant.”

Promo – This is all about the battle, and much less about the wealth. Axelrod wants Chuck Rhoades’ head on a plate. At this point in time, that much is clear. He has a significant grudge, and this season is all about the revenge plan. We’re going to see Axe formulate his plan, but there could be a problem. Namely, he cannot find the dirt that he needs in order to take Chuck down a peg.

As we move further into the season, the sinking suspicion that we have is that there will be a little bit more progress on that front. After all, you just have to remember / consider for a moment here that Billions is a show where there is a tendency for the stakes to be raised, but in the most methodical way possible. Given Axe is a guy with almost nothing to lose at this point, he wants to throw Chuck in a position where he feels embarrassment and pain.

We feel like one of the fulcrum parts in all of this is going to be Wendy, and with that, we are very much curious to see how she in the end factors into the entire story of the season. There is still a good bit of time left to go.

What do you want to see on the next new episode of Billions, and do you think we could end up seeing Axe buy a team? Be sure and share below! (Photo: Showtime.)

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