Saturday Night Live wishlist: Why Alex O’Loughlin of Hawaii Five-0 should host


There are a number of reasons why Alex O’Loughlin should host Saturday Night Live — we really do think all you have to do is watch Hawaii Five-0 to see it. This is someone with a great deal of range, and someone who can make you laugh even in the midst of the craziest possible moments. For this edition of our SNL Wishlist series, the goal is simple — to take a look back, and demonstrate how, based on O’Loughlin’s body of work, he would be the perfect candidate to take the stage either this season or next.

First, take a look back at the actor’s overall body of work. This is a guy who’s done darker series like Moonlight, but also things that are bright and funny like The Back-up Plan. Starring on Hawaii Five-0 really is a culmination of many of his skills. There are moments where he has to be serious and intense, but during happier times there is this capacity to be silly and have fun with the material. Silliness is especially what SNL is all about.

In thinking in terms of viable SNL material, there’s a lot that he could take on. We think you could probably cast O’Loughlin effectively as a member of Congress (could he do a Paul Ryan impression?) for a political parody, or he could do something really silly and physical. One other thing that would be fun to play on is the idea that crime literally never sleeps in Hawaii and he’s always having to take on some sort of grisly murder on a near-constant basis.

Of course, then you’ve also got cameo potential. Putting Scott Caan and Alex together for a sketch could be incredible entertainment, especially if it’s a sketch that is far and away different than what we know them for as Danny and McGarrett. Maybe make them customers at Whiskers R We, washed-up 80’s singing stars, or something else where they can be goofy and play off of the chemistry that they’ve got together. (If you can get Grace Park or Daniel Dae Kim involved, we’re also all for that.)

Could it actually happen?

Well, this series is called SNL Wishlist for a reason — these articles are all about TV stars who deserve a chance to host the show. Few of them actually will.

The biggest issue with an O’Loughlin hosting gig happening is that NBC’s shown itself to be reluctant in the casting of people who are primarily TV stars, especially ones who are currently on another show. It doesn’t help that Alex is on another network, and that his schedule and location basically dictates that the only time he’d have to host is either December after filming goes on hiatus or late in the spring when the work for a given season is done. It feels unlikely to ever happen, but we want to send the message to Lorne Michaels that there are a number of very-funny TV people out there who could draw ratings and bring interesting dimensions to the sketch show. Alex O’Loughlin could be one of them.

Do you think that Alex would be a worthy host? Do you have any sketch suggestions for him in terms of characters? Share now in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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