TV Bromances: Inside the budding friendship of Hook, Charming on Once Upon a Time

Once Upon A TimeMrs. Carter: Will the Hook – Charming bromance blossom on Once Upon a Time this season?

There are full-on bromances between characters on many shows out there — whether it be a McGarrett / Danny on Hawaii Five-0 or a Shawn / Gus on a show like Psych (one of our personal favorites of all time). Then, there are ones on the way there. This is a relationship with potential, especially since the two guys have had some really great times together already. (Then again, there have also been times when they’ve wanted to kill each other.)

Part of what makes them so appealing and worthy bromance material is the simple fact that they’re so incredibly different from each other. They both struggled at times in life, but they went about resolving their hardships in very distinct ways. Charming tried to be virtuous, to follow his heart, and to help those around him, including his mother. Hook, meanwhile, went rogue and became a feared pirate of the seven seasons. Hook was still evil when he emerged in Storybrooke. There was no reason for the two to like each other.

Now, they’re in a very different place where it’s necessary for them to get along. It’s a work in progress, and a very entertaining one. Should Emma and Hook get engaged, all of a sudden David becomes a father-in-law, and these two can start to picture gallivanting around on all sorts of crazy adventures. Their rapport is fantastic just because it’s so fun and they’re almost constantly on different wavelengths.

What do we want to see from them next?

That seems simple. The best way to make the Hook – Charming bromance blossom is to give the guys a separate quest that spans several episodes, maybe one where they have to team up in order to find a way to bring back Emma and Regina from the wish-world. Hook can think like a villain (it’s necessary sometimes), and Charming can keep him on the straight-and-narrow if need be. This show could use some more adventure in the back half of the season, and we cannot think of two finer candidates.

What do you want to see from Hook and Charming moving forward now on Once Upon A Time? Let us know in the comments?

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