TV Revivals: Could a Parenthood season 7 ever happen on NBC, anywhere else?

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Right now on NBC, the network is generating enormous goodwill and attention for giving a platform to This Is Us, a powerful, emotional story about a family trying to make things work despite the many bumps in the road they face in live. For the sake of this edition of our TV Revivals series, we want to dial things back a little bit further to another wonderful hit with similar subject matter.

Could a Parenthood season 7 revival work? It’s a subject that’s been discussed many times already, and it rose to the top of the subject list for Lauren Graham throughout much of her press tour for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. She’s one of those rare actresses to appear on two wonderful, critically-acclaimed series, and there will probably be a demand for both of them that lasts forever.

There is certainly enthusiasm for more Parenthood out there, and it’s not too hard in terms of the story to figure out how to bring it back. All you need to do is fast-forward a few years past the baseball-themed ending to see where some characters are now. While Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) may no longer be with the Braverman family, you do still have the stories of Crosby (Dax Shepard), Sarah (Graham), Adam (Peter Krause), and many others that are still worth telling. They may be in interesting, unexpected places in their lives and their careers; the beauty of a show like this is that it’s always fluid. It’s based on life, and life happens. Characters age, people deal with heartache, and some find happiness, leading to them hoping that it lasts.

As for venues, it’s hard to imagine NBC would pass on the idea of bringing the show back at this point. There’s a different climate now for a show like this that gets back to basics in terms of who we are as people. This Is Us proves that. If they passed on it, surely a streaming outlet would jump on it in a heartbeat.

Could a Parenthood season 7 revival actually happen?

Don’t call it a certainty, given that there are so many different moving parts that come with bringing a show back on the air. You have to not only get the cast all back, but also the creative team. Krause now stars on The Catch; meanwhile, Graham could be on a new show this fall, and there are many other actors from the show who are busy. If the right idea came about and everyone was available, it’s easy to have confidence that a revival would come together. The thing to remember here, though, is that sometimes you don’t want to mess with greatness. The Parenthood series finale was greatness, so there’s no need to bring it back to tie up any loose ends unless your idea is sterling, heartfelt, and certain to bring tears.

Do you want to see a Parenthood revival on TV in the future? Let us know in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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