Survivor: Game Changers spotlight: Is it Troy ‘Troyzan’ Robertson’s island this time?

Troyzan -Is there one reason for the Troyzan Robertson – Survivor Game Changers casting, and he’s right, per his video below. He’s probably back just for yelling “this is my island” after winning a crucial Immunity Challenge that bought him a little more time in the game. He’s a big personality, and he’s someone the show wanted to have back for a while not. This marks his chance, but whether or not it works out for him is something that still remains to be seen.

(Here’s a hint. While Troyzan may be a great character, he’s got his strategic drawbacks.)

Past performance – 8th place (Survivor: One World)

Historical perspective – Other than Tarzan (who was considered to be fairly non-threatening by some of the other women), Troy was the last man standing on a season that was dominated by women. He was very memorable coming out of it for being SO adversarial with the winner Kim Spradlin and others after the fact — it was the odd case of a self-inflicted underdog. Much of Troyzan being in danger was the result of his own doing.

Troy was in contention for the Survivor: Second Chance cast, but didn’t end up getting voted in by America.

Strengths – He’s probably in the same boat as Andrew Savage as one of the older Survivor players who can fare well in challenges and hold their own around camp. Given his own habit of living out reasonably off the grid, he probably does know nature and that aspect of the game better than anyone. (Granted, everyone on this season knows how to play the game! He doesn’t have the same amount of special quality that he would’ve had otherwise in a season full of first-time players.

The best thing going for Troyzan is simply that his season was a while ago, and there may be people on here who don’t actually know him or his game all that well. He could be under the radar if his personality can handle it. There is probably also a misnomer of him not being able to play with women; we do think that he certainly can, but on his first season he was just up against five women who clearly weren’t turning on each other until after he was gone.

Weaknesses – Troyzan may be smart, but he’s hard-headed and he buys into himself too much. He doesn’t always see the forest through the trees during the game. We easily could get him getting caught up in being a character or making a big move, and forgetting to stay under the radar and stealthy at the same time. He’s the sort of player who easily could torpedo his own game for doing something that was unnecessary. More so than many of the people out there, he really is his own worse enemy. In that sense, he’s a little bit like Jeff Varner.

Our prediction

As a personality, Troyzan is someone who will bring that dimension to the show. As a player, it’s harder to have confidence in him given that he made some pretty clear mistakes his first time out and there isn’t much from the video below that makes us think that he’s changed up who he is or what he’s going to do in the game for his second go-around. The biggest thing that Troy needs to just do is lay low, make alliances, and then backstab when he gets the chance to do it. He just may not have the capability of pulling all of this off in the game, though on paper, it certainly looks great.

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