‘MasterChef Junior’ season 5, episode 3 review: The top 20 replicate Gordon Ramsay

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Tonight, ‘MasterChef Junior‘ season 5, episode 3 aired on Fox, and it was the first proper “competition” episode of the season. By that, we mean that there was a chance to see the remainder of the young home cooks in more of a familiar Mystery Box / Elimination Challenge structure. This is where the competition shines, and that’s what we were thrilled to see tonight.

Also, we got a chance to see huge amounts of rice dumped on everyone before the Mystery Box. What’s not to like there?

Let’s be honest here for a minute, though — there are STILL so many different home cooks that it’s hard to know anyone. So let’s just give some kudos to Afnan following the first Mystery Box, and dive more into the sea bass challenge that defined the second part of the hour.Everyone  was tasked with trying to replicate a Gordon Ramsay creation, and what we’ve got for you below are the results of this said task!

How everyone fared in the critiques

Adam – Very impressive start to the

Cydney – Once again, some rave reviews! Sanchez proved to be a big fan of everything that he did.

Justise – The show tried HARD to fake you out here with a tricky edit of her bringing up the food, only for her to then receive some rave reviews.

Sam – During the cooking process he burned himself, and there were questions as to whether or not he’d keep fighting. The fish was under, but mostly good reviews.

Elizabeth – We really speed through this one! No real narrative beyond the sea bass being over.

Gonzalo – Beautiful-looking fish. Unfortunately, the fish was a little under.

Mark – Excellent presentation. There were a few cooking issues, but otherwise a very nice job.

Lila – Interestingly, Lila’s got the same pigtails as Lila from “Hey Arnold!” — pretty good reviews.

Solomon – Every now and then, you get that contestant with the edit of “I’m used to doing this.” Unfortunately, his review was akin to “good effort.”

The results

Adam was the recipient of best dish of the night, which is a great cause for celebration this early in the game! It’s something to build on.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth, Gonzalo, Sam, and Solomon were in the bottom four, and two of them were sent home. Gonzalo and Sam were spared, and Solomon and Elizabeth are going to be going home. They made it into the top 20, and that is an achievement in itself. Also, Elizabeth is from Sweetwater, Texas! That’s not far from where we spent a lot of time as a kid.

In the end, this episode still was everything that you could have wanted it to be — there were some cheery moments, but some inspirational ones, but also some sad ones in the closing minutes. Episode Grade: B+. (Photo: Fox.)

What was your take on the results of ‘MasterChef Junior’ season 5, episode 3? Share in the comments below!

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