‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 2, episode 12 review: All hail Sir Ray of the Palms

Camelot -Tuesday night on “Legends of Tomorrow,” there were a few different things of value that we learned. For one, Ray Palmer is a Camelot fanboy. He is the guy who goes to Medieval Times eight different times in a month in hopes of cheering on every night. He secretly works at a Renaissance Faire during some of his off hours.

Tonight, Ray got to have his secret dream come true of getting to become a knight during the time. He was able to fight off bad guys, have a really cool battle scene, and apparently he can wear the Atom Suit under his suit of armor. Apparently, he gets coronated there someday! Not bad for Sir Ray of the Palms.

The thing is, we’re a bit of a Ray Palmer apologist, and we say this knowing that Brandon Routh’s character is not exceptionally popular to say. He is overly peppy and positive, and we do wish we got to see more of the grounded version that existed within “Arrow.” Yet, there is also no denying that he is an inspiring guy, and it is his actions on the show Tuesday night that helped to make the episode fun.

Was this story almost completely ridiculous? Totally, even for this show. Everything about this episode was pretty ridiculous, whether it be Damien Darhk running around as the Black Knight without the rest of the Legion (where were they?) or all of the sudden Sara / Amaya tension or the fact that the random Nate / Amaya romance last time seemed to get pretty lost along the way. The Sara / Guinevere pairing was somewhat fun, but when are we going to see Sara have more of a consistent love interest on this show? We love Katrina Law, but she’s got “Training Day” and we don’t know when Nyssa is coming back. It just feels odd that she’s arguably the show’s most-popular character, and she doesn’t get that romantic subplot even though some other people on the show do.

Here’s the bright spot – The Stargirl-as-Merlin bit, while random, actually made sense. She was there to try to protect her part of the Spear of Destiny, and she wanted to protect it to the best of her ability by forging it into part of her magician’s staff. You could’ve done more with her love for King Arthur story than the show did, but this was a fine example of someone who found peace in their new world and decided to stay there. Hey, it beats Dr. Mid-Nite, who found himself killed in the year 3000 Detroit.

Overall – “Legends of Tomorrow” is a fairly fun, fairly mindless show. Where they get themselves into a little bit of trouble is when they start going nuts and throwing a lot of various superhero stuff at the wall, hoping for something to stick. They are better keeping things simple and not making anything too complicated. “Camelot/3000” should’ve stuck to one time period, and try to cut down on some of the characters involved. It was a little all over the place, and other than getting Rip back on the Waverider in the end (which may not be great for the team), there was not enough ultimately accomplished here. Grade: B-.

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