‘Outlander’ season 3 notes: ‘Black Sails’ cast on South Africa; Caitriona Balfe honored

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Let’s begin today’s “Outlander” notes with a little bit of talk in relation to “Black Sails” — a show that has a couple of different things in common with it. First and foremost, they both air on the same network in Starz. Also, there’s a little something here known as “Outlander” filming their upcoming third season at the same South Africa studio that the pirate drama previously used. It’s the first time that we’re going to be seeing the Diana Gabaldon at sea for a substantial period of time, and it made some sense for them to take advantage of some of the architecture that was already there in the country.

Two of the “Black Sails” actors who are already very much familiar with these ships and the setting are Luke Arnold and Hannah New; in a new interview with “Access Hollywood,” Arnold in particular passed along the following message to the “Outlander” cast they started to work their way into the experience there:

“They’re going to have a lot of fun … Those ships are fantastic, but they are tough to shoot on. It’s a little bit like ‘you guys try it for a while.'”

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are expected to be in the country in the weeks to come; prior to that, we expect them to make an appearance at Emerald City Comic-Con, where they’ll sign autographs and participate in some sort of question-and-answer session. Filming in South Africa will conclude in early June, a few months before the show will premiere season 3.

Hopefully, there’s be a little bit more in the way of extensive news coverage when the show actually gets closer to resuming filming…

Caitriona Balfe’s upcoming honor – While this news has been out there for some time now, it does bear repeating today since the event is coming up so soon. On Thursday, the woman behind Claire Fraser will receive an Oscar Wilde Award at J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production company in Santa Monica. This ceremony was created by the The US-Ireland Alliance to help recognize Irish and non-Irish talent that better shows their entertainment contributions to the global community. Balfe is originally from Dublin, and she has a connection to Abrams as a cast member from his movie “Super 8” (a supremely underrated film that you should check out as soon as possible).

It’s nice to be seeing the show get so much recognition so far this year! Balfe is coming off of receiving a Golden Globe nomination for the second straight year, and her show was honored recently at the WIN Awards, a fantastic ceremony that you can read about further over at the link here.

As always, stay tuned for the latest in “Outlander” headlines! Our goal is to continue to keep you updated throughout this #Droughlander with all of the latest. (Photo: Starz.)

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