‘Saturday Night Live’ star Leslie Jones responds to Milo Yiannopoulos scandal

Leslie Jones -

Leslie Jones has a message for everyone, and it’s a rather simple one: Don’t even bother giving Milo Yiannopoulos any more attention in the wake of the latest scandal bearing his name. A series of comments from the Breitbart News editor, which were unearthed on Monday, caused him to become even more of a pariah than he was previously (and he was already a pariah to many people), as he even ended up losing a book deal that had already come under fire for many different reasons.

Still, there was one person in particular who many people online wanted to hear from: Leslie Jones. Milo was previously banned from Twitter after making a racist remark toward the “Saturday Night Live” cast member, who is one of the most amazing people you can ever possibly follow on social media.

She also has a really great philosophy on him in the aftermath of this latest scandal: Why are we even giving him the light of day? Here’s specifically what she had to say on Twitter:

“You guys are giving him too much energy. I was done the day I blocked him & got his a– banned. Been done and moved on. He has no space here!”

So why do we even write about it? Well, our personal opinion here is that it is important to pass along Jones’ point of view, since without knowing this, there would be questions — therein, you prolong the story even further than you would do so otherwise. Now, she’s said something, and we can all move forward — we just wish that this whole controversy had come about prior to last week, mostly because that way we could’ve moved forward and we never would’ve had to deal with “Real Time with Bill Maher” in the first place. In retrospect, it’s even more the case now that this show was much too good to have him on as a guest.

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