How should ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ write off Owen Granger?

Granger -

Tonight, “NCIS: Los Angeles” had a scene between Hetty and Granger that was certainly emotional, one that gave us some insight into where Owen was in the midst of his hospitalization. Specifically, he referenced that he felt there was a buzzard “circling” him, which Hetty scoffed at as she encouraged him to get better.

Was this the final episode that Miguel Ferrer filmed for the series? That’s absolutely possible, since we know that when the show returns on March 5, it will be doing so with an episode that will feature some sort of proper tribute to him. There will be a music component to it, and a title card at the end of the story.

Our heart continues to go out to Ferrer and his family, as this still must be a difficult time for them as they recover from what they’ve been through. Hopefully, the show does figure out a way to help with this further.

For the sake of the show itself, they have some options as to how they want to write off this character. One of the ways that they could opt to do this is to have the character sadly pass away, which puts a parallel between Granger and Ferrer’s life. This would be very much sad, but in terms of the story it does make some sense given what he went through. Another thing that they could opt to do is simply have the character move somewhere far away and live out a different sort of life; shows are meant at times to be an escape from reality, and there may be a comfort for viewers in knowing that he is still out there, living out the rest of his ways.

We know that the writers and actors on the show loved Ferrer, and with that, it’s hard to imagine them doing him wrong with whatever they opt to do.

How do you think that Granger is going to be written off of the show, and should it be in a way that specifically honors Ferrer? Share in the comments, and head over to the link here to preview further what is coming up next. (Photo: CBS.)

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