Craig Sager’s #SagerStrong honored during NBA All-Star Weekend (video)


This weekend, TNT is bringing you their coverage of NBA All-Star Weekend, and this of course meant an opportunity to check out a few different things: A 3-point contestant, a dunk contest, the skills challenge, and a few other things. Of course, there are some cool moments that come along with that, though admittedly we weren’t all that excited about the dunk contest going in just because of the lineup.

What was incredibly moving, however, was seeing the shoot-out that took place in order to honor the late Craig Sager. The legendary TNT broadcaster passed away over the past year after a lengthy battle with cancer, but the network and the NBA chose to honor him with a pretty massive donation to his Sager Strong Foundation, which looks to continue his legacy of giving back and battling cancer as hard as humanly possible.

The video below┬áisn’t altogether long, but at the same time it gets the message across of how much Sager meant to everyone, including many of the players. He’s the sort of guy who was an inspiration to those around him, and he was the rare media figure who had universal respect at a time in which we don’t exactly see much of that. You got that in the days that followed his passing, and you certainly get that now. In some ways, his passing was unfortunately lost given how it happened at a time in which we lost so many other beloved people, including the likes of Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and George Michael.

All-Star Weekend is the most prominent broadcast TNT has had since Sager’s death, so it made sense for this to be one of their venues to honor him. Hopefully, this is something that they are going to continue to do a little bit later this year, as the network is also going to be unleashing their NBA All-Star Weekend coverage.

What do you think about the tribute to Sager? Share in the comments, and if you want to support his foundation, we invite you to click on the link above within this article. Everything from his fashion to his strength will be sorely missed in the months and years to come.

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