‘Supergirl’ season 2 photos: Alex, Maggie’s Valentine’s Day; Kara’s … wedding?

Wedding -Mrs. Carter: For all of you “Supergirl” fans out there, be prepared for something a little bit romantic…

The upcoming episode airing on Monday night is entitled “Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk,” and it’s going to be RIDICULOUS, but also ridiculously fun in all of the ways that you would probably hope. There aren’t many other episodes where we’ve had the opportunity to share photos of Kara Danvers sporting a wedding dress. It’s not exactly like her relationship with ANYONE is on that sort of level at the moment.

Want to know why we’re getting said photo in a wedding dress? Blame Mr. Hard-to-Pronounce for that. He’s an imp who is coming from another world, and is bringing a few different things with him. One of them is a penchant for stirring up trouble, and he’s convinced that Kara is his one true love to the point where he wants to give her the final rose before even getting to hometown dates! (Granted, in his world Mxyzptlk probably has a “Bachelor” season of 25 or so women who all look EXACTLY like Kara.)

Will she be so keen on his sudden advances, or suddenly putting her into a wedding dress? Probably not. This all seems well and good now, but what happens if you get a guy like this mad? It’s one thing to have a scorned lover; it’s another altogether to have a scorned Mr. Hard-to-Pronounce, and you’re allowing him to go and take out his scorned-lover-who-never-actually-met-you-and-was-never-actually-a-lover wrath on everyone out in National City. This should be interesting….

And now for something completely different and something actually romantic… Sanvers! Alex and Maggie are going to be spending their first Valentine’s Day together, and there’s a part of the photo below that makes us think that Maggie is allowing her the opportunity to have her first-ever Valentine’s Day dance. We’ve got this feeling that due to some other priorities (you know, such as having to spend so much time taking care of Kara and making sure she was okay on Earth), Alex probably didn’t get much time to enjoy the simpler things growing up.

Want more “Supergirl” romance talk — or at least speculation? We discussed over at this link recently the rise of the #Supercorp ‘ship, and what we could see happening with that as the season goes on. (Photo: The CW.)

Sanvers -

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