‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 spoilers: Captain Amelia: Civil War

Amelia -

Dear “Grey’s Anatomy” writers, this is what happens when you give us an episode title called “Civil War” and tease that there is going to be a big Amelia story in it. It basically sends us down a tangent in which we try to compare various people at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to various people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clearly Meredith Grey is clearly Thor, God of Surgery, Alex is Iron Man given his penchant for losing his way here and there, and Richard Webber is Nick Fury, who after attempting to rally everyone together has now decided that he’s not doing to deal with this s–t anymore and is fighting back.

We could probably write about another 1,000 or so words on this subject, but let’s be honest here for a minute: How many people are both “Grey’s Anatomy” and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans? Also, we should just leave this to the comments since we’re basically begging for people to write “YOU’RE WRONG” below for saying that Mer is Thor and Amelia is some various of Steve Rogers. Let’s stick to the meat of what you may want to know about this upcoming episode. (Kudos to SpoilerTV for sharing some of the initial information.)

-Amelia is going to express some important feelings to Owen. We haven’t see much of her as of late (Caterina Scorsone’s been on maternity leave), but that will change as the season progresses.

-Meredith will find herself wedged between Riggs and Alex when it comes to how to treat a patient. (Remember Riggs? It feels like forever since we’ve barely seen him. He’s like Ant-Man, mostly because we’re pretty sure that he’s shrunk so small that he’s disappeared over the past several weeks.)

-Richard, Jackson, April and Catherine are going to be dealing still with various hospital politics in this episode … which is probably the ACTUAL reason why this is entitled “Civil War.” That’s just not anywhere near as funny.

True believers, let’s now pass this along to you. Let us know what you want to see in this episode in the comments! Also, head over here for some other news on “Grey’s Anatomy,” including some recent reviews!

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