‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 10, episode 17 preview: Could a Comic-Con trip go awry?

The Big Bang TheoryTonight, “The Big Bang Theory” is airing a new episode of the show that could be described in one simple way — loose lips sink ships. Sheldon will take it upon himself to kiss and tell all over town when it comes to his sex history with Amy, and she’s not happy about it — which in turn leads to one of the first major struggles that the two parties have since they first started living together. (We say “major” because there are certainly MANY minor struggles that you often get with Sheldon — he’s greedy, he talks a mile a second, and he often gives you way more information than you could ever possibly want or need.)

While not 100% confirmed just yet by CBS, there appears to be a new episode of the show coming up next week — early indications suggest that it will be titled “The Comic-Con Conundrum,” which is mostly interesting if true given that there was an episode a few seasons back also entitled “The Convention Conundrum.”

As for what the story is going to be for this hour, let’s put it this way: Raj’s financial problems (remember, his father is cutting him off) could lead to him having some problems when it comes to going to San Diego Comic-Con this year. To be fair, we don’t even know how these guys make going to Comic-Con work at all, given the sole fact that we’ve been a few times and getting tickets is almost IMPOSSIBLE — it’s almost luck-based at this point.

One way or another, we imagine that this will be the last episode for at least a week or two coming up — in between the need to save episodes for May and incoming NCAA football, we imagine that we’re going to be seeing a few hiatuses here and there in both March and April.

Intrigued by the idea of this episode, especially if it puts Raj further into the spotlight? Share in the comments, and head over to the link here in the event you want some other news! We’ll have a full review for the episode tonight soon enough. (Photo: CBS.)

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