TV Bachelors: Will Mark Harmon’s Gibbs on ‘NCIS’ ever find love again?

Gibbs -Mrs. Carter: Will Gibbs be unlucky in love for the rest of “NCIS“?

Throughout the series, we’ve learned enough about the guy to know that he’s certainly had his fair share of love interests over the years. He’s had multiple wives (three of them redheads), and we’ve seen them have several different endings. The death of Shannon (Darby Stanchfield) and the couple’s child is easily the most tragic of all of them, but losing a relationship is never easy. It’s happened to Gibbs on four separate occasions, and that makes you wonder whether or not there’s something about him that just isn’t wired to make such a long-term relationship work.

Or, maybe he just hasn’t found the right person yet!

In this edition of our TV Bachelors series, we do want to see if it’s possible for Mark Harmon’s character to find a love interest who could stick around for the duration of the series, and be someone that won’t end up leaving by some means. They need to be able to challenge him, and he needs to be able to value them more than he does the job.

Who could be the right person? – Gibbs is Gibbs at this point — he’s a man who has a unique set of rules, and operates for the most part by a routine. Given that he doesn’t change all that much, you don’t want to give him someone who would require a massive life change. However, at the same time it’s also hard to see him wanting to be with someone who he directly works with. That’s why it is unlikely that we see anything with Alex Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) happening, even if there is some chemistry there.

Ideally, we think the right person for Gibbs could be Abigail Borin (Diane Neal), given that she’s an equal to him over at the CGIS, and would understand his life. Also, she’s a redhead — and clearly Gibbs has a type.

Could it happen? – There are no guarantees of anything within the world of this show, especially since romance is hardly ever something that is a main consideration for the writers. We just think that someone like Borin would work great for Gibbs because you’d get to see him have some romantic closure, while at the same time not putting it on the show in such a way that it is incredibly overwhelming. You get it for a few episodes a season, and then focus on the cases the rest of the time.

Do you want to see Gibbs in a romance on “NCIS” moving forward, and who do you want to see it with? Share below, and head over here to get some more news when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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