‘Once Upon a Time’: The merits of Regina and Robin Hood

Regina -

Mrs. Carter: “Once Upon a Time” is a show with many popular pairings, and sometimes, you even see them withstand the death of a character.

The death of Robin Hood last season was one of the most devastating moments in the entire six-year run of the series. Not only is Sean Maguire brilliant in the part, but you had a relationship between Robin and Regina (Lana Parrilla) that was everything that you could want in a TV couple — they were dynamic, supportive of each other, but also strong enough so that each person knew effectively when someone else was in the wrong. You don’t want a couple devoid of conflict, just as you want one that challenges each other while making things fun at the same time.

When you boil down to the bare essence of what made the Outlaw Queen ‘ship so appealing, this was it: A relationship between two people who made one another better, who helped each other stay on the right path, and who really understood each other when it comes to their past. Robin recognized that Regina had it in her to be the Evil Queen, but she could go down a different road. Meanwhile, Regina can understand the value that Robin had back in the Enchanted Forest, even if she wasn’t exactly equipped to be on the same page as him all of the time.

Also, the appeal of these two likely stems in part from knowing just how much Regina went through to get to the point where she can have a Happily Ever After — seeing that ripped away from her again was heartbreaking. Fans want to see her happy, and this is one of those occasions where it’s a good thing that there was such sadness over Robin’s death. If you didn’t generate a strong reaction from such a moment, there was never much attachment to them in the first place.

Is there hope? – It’s wrong to even suggest that there could be given that we wouldn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up that Robin is suddenly revived and is back to the Robin he was. The one thing we know, and the reason we write this article now, is that we will be seeing Robin once more on the show come the March 5 premiere. He’s going to be different than the previous iteration (this one exists within the wish-world established during the midseason finale, one where he never went to Storybrooke at all); while we’d love to figure out a way to get Maguire back full-time, for the time being all we ask for is closure, and a way for Regina to have a little bit of time that she was never given last season when he died.

For the time being, let’s ask this: Would you like to see Robin back full-time, and for the Outlaw Queen pairing to live on? Share in the comments, and be sure to head over here in the event you’re interested in further news pertaining to the show. (Photo: ABC.)

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