‘NCIS: New Orleans’ season 3, episode 14: Agent Gibbs, Agent Pride work together to find terror playbook in New Orleans

NCIS -On Tuesday night “NCIS: New Orleans” picked up where “NCIS” left off as viewers got to continue the story of finding the terror playbook in a special TV crossover event. On part one, Forensic Specialist Abby Scuito joined a Homeland security think tank to keep the city safe, but someone turned the plans into a viable way to hurt a mass amount of people. At “NCIS” the killer was found and the plot foiled, but a serious concern remained: the terrorism playbook. Picking up on the search for the playbook, New Orleans hosted part two of the crossover event.

Following underground chatter that it was being sold to the highest bidder, Agent Gibbs and Agent Pride kicked off a joint investigation to track down the seller. Going to New Orleans, NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee and NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres made the trip to the area during Mardi Gras. Agent Torres made an extreme splash as he was in town for less than two hours and ended up with blood on his hands after following a murder suspect. While he didn’t kill anyone, he definitely made an impression.

Tracing down the suspects, the pool of buyers seems to be dropping like flies. Killed in broad daylight, the team seems to be one step behind as they look to round up the potential suspects of who might be looking to sell the information. Getting a strong lead, one agent had to go in undercover to see if she could stop the sale (and retrieve the playbook).

Agent Tammy Gregorio had every viewer on pins and needles when she went undercover and found herself facing a gun as she tried to find the terrorism playbook. Making contact with the bad guy selling the book, it surprised all the agents when they came across the bad gal. And in a strange twist another individual stole the playbook after a surprise ambush and they took Torres as a hostage.

As the team races to save Agent Torres, it appears that time is running short. Hoping to hold off every Washington D.C. agency who wants to come to New Orleans to help, Agent Pride’s team worked quickly to locate Agent Torres and the playbook. The only problem was that the players were not who they seemed. The killer in custody murdered the only man who knew where Torres was located. Leaving the team to utilize technology in their search, his location was pinpointed with cell phone details. In the end Agent Torres was saved and so was the terrorism playbook, but there was little time to spare.

One cool side story this episode included NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee and Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund. Idolizing McGee, it was Sebastian who buddies up to the D.C. agent as he looked for advice from his coworker on moving from office work to a field agent. The bond between the two agents definitely had fans remembering how McGee was mentored by Agent DiNozzo and he was now starting to pay it forward. Giving solid advice and encouraging Lund to keep in touch, it would be nice to see this budding friendship in future episodes.

With the terror playbook located and the killers found, the two episode crossover definitely had fans thrilled to see the agents work together. A throwback to when Agent Gibbs first introduced “NCIS” fans to “NCIS: New Orleans”, it was a perfect way to connect the shows once again. We enjoyed the chance to see all the agents pull together to solve a case and we really hope it happens again! Episode Grade: A.

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