TV Bachelors: Should ‘Criminal Minds’ season 12 provide Spencer Reid a love interest?

Criminal Minds

Mrs. Carter: Isn’t it time that Spencer Reid found a little bit of happiness for himself?

We don’t think it’s any surprise that Reid is one of our favorites on “Criminal Minds” — he’s intellectual, a little awkward and a guy who puts his heart into everything that he does. We are seeing that right now especially when it comes to his efforts to give his mother Diana the best life that he can. The performance of Matthew Gray Gubler, one of TV’s most-underrated actors, also adds to our enjoyment of the character infinitely.

So given that Reid has so much going on right now, how is he going to have time for love? We understand those questions being asked right now, but in many ways we feel like this almost makes it the perfect time for him to find love. Sometimes, this happens at the most inopportune times, and it can be a beacon of hope lightness during some incredibly dark and difficult times.

In this edition of our ongoing TV Bachelors series, we are going to discuss what a Reid love interest could look like in 2017, and whether or not we could see it happening.

The ideal love interest – Clearly, it’s not Aubrey Plaza given what we saw happen on “Entropy” last season. Instead, we figure that the perfect love for Spencer is someone who challenges him emotionally as well as intellectually. There would be something interesting in having him fall for a law-enforcement officer at one of the cities that the BAU visits, or maybe even a family member of a victim he’s trying to get justice for. There are certainly some ethical questions that come along with this, but these characters are humans! It’s unrealistic to expect them to navigate within the lines every second of the day. They are going to have either some slip-ups or some moments where things do not go according to some established plan.

The big thing that Reid needs is an emotional rock who will be there for him, and give him someone to talk to about his troubles. Meanwhile, he can do the same for her, and it gives him something a little more tangible to cling to during these difficult times.

Could it happen this season? – It feels like Reid already has a pretty intensive journey ahead for him that is including tomorrow night’s key episode “Spencer”, so he has a lot on his plate right now.  We’d love to see it happen at some point, mostly because it’s such a different dimension of the character for Gubler to play. It’s less analytical and more heartfelt; he’d have to separate the skills that benefit him in his career, and focus more on an interpersonal relationship.

Do you want to see Reid have a new love interest on “Criminal Minds” moving forward? Share in the comments, and head over here to score some additional news when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS)

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