‘Timeless’ episode 15 review: Who was shot? The new Al Capone showdown

Last week, “Timeless” gave us what can be best described a very hostile takeover, given that the “NSA” (really Rittenhouse) did their part to try and overtake the entire operation. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus were forced to go rogue, and do so while evading the likes of Neville, Mason, and the rest of the new team.

Oh, and there was another key component in the plan: Jiya, who had to act as a double-agent. That wasn’t all that successful, mostly because they caught on to her and her plans very quickly. That still didn’t exactly stop her from doing what she did to slow them down! This was one of the better Jiya episodes of the season, and it’s nice to see her start to step more and more into her own as a valuable member of the Time Team, even if to date she’s been placed within the present.

Flynn’s new mission – With Garcia heading back to the famed era of Al Capone in Chicago, we saw a delicate balancing act to try to get through to the famed gangster, figure out Flynn’s next move, and keep everyone safe in the process. Probably the saddest thing about this story is that despite all the hype around his appearance as Eliot Ness, Misha Collins wasn’t in all that much of the story. We certainly saw a different end to the character than in history, and it was just one of the ways that the timeline shifted as a result of all of the time-travelers being there.

Another plan that didn’t exactly go according to plan was Lucy deciding to try and use Capone’s brother as leverage, and a way to further ensure that they could stop his reign. In the end, we saw a tense showdown that led to Rufus getting shot, and that was one of the cliffhangers that we were left with coming into the finale.

Flynn did get the answer he was seeking, as well, and that revolved around his next attempt to take down Rittenhouse once and for all. Apparently, there is a meeting of some of the top minds in the organization once every several decades, and it is going to take place in Washington DC in the 1950s. He’s got a clue as to where he needs to go, and how he can try to reverse course and get the life back that he wants. One of the beautiful, more subtle things about the series is how Lucy and Flynn do want effectively the same thing: To get back what they lost. Their methodology is different, and that is what makes their stories each stand out on some sort of individual level.

Overall – Sure, we wanted more Misha, but the show delivered on much it set out to do in give us a great crime caper, while pushing forward the journey to either stop Rittenhouse or Flynn once and for all. It’s hard to imagine that the Time Team gets to have their cake and eat it too at the end of this episode, but we shall see! “Timeless” is a series that has absolutely come up with some unique ways to impress us before. Grade: B+.

What did you think about this particular episode of “Timeless”? Do you think that Rufus will turn out to be okay in the end? Let us know some of what you think in the comments, and head over here to get some further news on the upcoming finale. (Photo: NBC.)

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