’24: Legacy’ episode 3 review: A crazy chase, the real traitor, confusion, and chaos

24 -Last week on “24: Legacy,” the ridiculous school storyline hit a peak courtesy of Amira killing her fellow “student” concerned over a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, John Donovan’s campaign manager Nilaa found herself accused of being the architect behind some of the hacks that put Eric Carter and so many others in trouble.

Eric’s story – Someone, Eric managed to get a police officer to bite on his story — he may have been telling the truth, but more often than not what we tend to see these cops be reluctant to believe ANYONE, especially some guy who’s already held them at gunpoint. Nonetheless, we did see a cop help Eric get the money that he needed in order to get out of the station, and prepare for his rendezvous with Grimes over the strongbox. This is what we were the most interested in seeing, mostly because of the fact that Grimes so far has established himself as reasonably unstable and not the sort of person who could be counted on to deliver in this sort of situation.

Luckily, Eric did get a little bit of help outside the station in the form of Keith and the CTU, who were ready and willing to lend him a helping hand … though they clearly wanted to use some surveillance of their own in order to get a much better read on what he was up to. He did eventually find Ben on the train, and there we started to see the process begin towards getting them on the same team.

With the CTU monitoring their every move, eventually Grimes and Carter got off of the train, which allowed Keith and his people to start to close in. Understandably, they didn’t quite trust Grimes or Khalid’s people to do the job. The exchange did happen, and we learned that apparently Grimes is rather great when it comes to carving things in tile. (This is where the list was located.)

Of course, this exchange could not be so easy! Hostiles showed up, Grimes accused Eric of lying, and then knocked him over the head with a gun. The episode ended with Carter saving Ben’s life after hostages closed in, but the list had fallen into possession of the opposition. In other words, everything got so much worse, and Carter nearly got hit by a train in the process (as if he wasn’t dealing with enough).

How Isaac and Nicole are factoring into this – Well, Eric’s keeping the conversation open! That doesn’t change our feeling that the Nicole and Isaac characters aren’t bringing all that much to the story just yet other than some add love-triangle tension that the show really doesn’t need in order to be effective.

The truth about Nilaa – She’s not nearly as guilty as you would think — instead, we should have been looking at John Donovan’s father the whole time! Let’s write this down somewhere — anytime Gerald McRaney is an actor on a show, we need to assume that he is the secret bad guy who is operating things behind the scenes. Rebecca is busy interrogating Nilaa, not knowing that this guy is manipulating things to make her all the more culpable.

The high school terrorists remain terrible – If there’s one thing we can say about them, it’s “you’re doing it wrong.” Not only did the “teacher” tell one of the world’s worst lies, but then they completely failed at actually killing the poor kid who just was trying to get to the bottom of things last week. Amira decided to ride along with the kid to the hospital (why was this allowed?), which certainly meant VERY BAD NEWS for the guy yet again.

The state of things – “24: Legacy” remains complete nonsense full of conveniences and things that make us want to roll our eyes. Yet, we’re hard-pressed to say that we didn’t enjoy it. This is a show that remains fun despite its many obvious flaws. Grade: B+.

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