Clarke / Lexa, Tony / Ziva, Steve / Catherine, Robin / Regina, and other TV couples with unfinished business

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Mrs. Carter: We’ve been writing about plenty of TV couples this year around Valentine’s Day, but there are many more we wish were still with us!

For one reason or another, there are reasons why we don’t end up seeing couples end up together. Sometimes, one of them is killed off; other times, the show ends. Finally, there are those cruel occasions in which the writers just don’t end up going in that direction. For the sake of this article, we thought it best to highlight five pairs who absolutely needed more time in the spotlight — for many of these shows, it may be too late to change it; on some other occasions, there is still a small sliver of hope.

Clarke and Lexa, “The 100– It’s hard to know just how The CW could make this right given that the Lexa character is now dead, but this absolutely still feels like the rug was ripped out from under us right when things were becoming magical. There are still some fans upset over the way in which Alycia Debnam-Carey’s character was killed off, and understandably so. The best we can seemingly hope for are small reminders here and there as to how much the two truly loved each other and would fight for one another through thick and thin.

Tony and Ziva, “NCIS– One of the best examples of a “will they or won’t they?” couple who never got to where many fans wanted them to onscreen, and by the time that they did, it was already common knowledge that Cote de Pablo was leaving the show. Presumably, Ziva died in the season 13 finale and Tony is now off with her daughter in France; personally, there’s a part of us that still believes that these characters could find their way back together by the end of the series, but we’re writing that mostly out of our own desire to see it happen. In between “Bull” and Cote opting not to return at the end of last season, it’s incredibly unlikely.

Chuck and Sarah, “Chuck” – It’s not even on the air anymore, so it’s not exactly easy to update the ending of the series finale where Chuck did his best to help Sarah remember the person that she was before the intersect wiped away her memory. One of the biggest reasons to do a movie follow-up / revival series is to see where their relationship is now, and if they really were destined to be together as so many hoped.

Steve and Catherine, “Hawaii Five-0– Maybe they are not going to be together again anytime soon (Steve is with Lynn at the moment), but given everything that Catherine’s been doing in terms of her job, she hasn’t had all that many opportunities to lay all of her cards out on the table. Hopefully, such an opportunity will come up and be a central part of the story as we move further into the series. After all, a season 8 seems to be all but assured at the moment.

Regina and Robin, “Once Upon a Time– Technically, Robin is dead and that complicates matters — or does it? While the new Robin that’s been established in the wish-world alternate universe is far from the same one that we’ve come to like over the years, that should not take away from the idea that Regina could find closure with him. Maybe it’s possible that there could be enough of the Robin she loves within this new version for something to work down the line, but it’s hard to be all that confident on something like that when we haven’t really spent any time with this Robin 2.0.

What TV couple, past or present, do you think has some unfinished business? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now with a comment below! (Photo: CBS.)

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