‘Scorpion’ season 3: Why would Walter, Paige make a great couple?

Walter -Mrs. Carter: Is it time for Walter to have a romance?

If you look at “Scorpion” and some of the romantic pairings that are out there, we actually do consider them for the most part to be rather linear. You have all of the fans out there who want to see Walter with Paige, and then there’s also the group out there who is actively rooting for the Happy / Toby wedding to happen. This is a show that caters well to these couples (and potential couples), and it allows them to be put in situations where you want to root for them.

Now that we’ve said that, we do personally believe that there are some other fun reasons behind these two being so popular beyond just the show trying to move them in this direction.

1. Opposites attract! – There’s always something inherently interesting about seeing people fall for each other when they have almost nothing interesting in common, and his specifically follows the tradition of such other popular pairs as Oliver / Felicity, Penny / Leonard, and even Chuck / Sarah for all of you “Chuck” fans out there.

2. They help each other – It’s been made fairly clear that Walter O’Brien is a character who does need a great deal of support when it comes to social skills, and having Paige be his beacon in this department is heartwarming. It shows that the two of them each have a purpose on the team that is incredibly valuable.

3. Relatability – Maybe you’ve been like Paige and you’ve been determined at all costs to help your child even when there are seemingly limited options available to you; or, maybe you’re more like Walter and you excel in one skill, but struggle mightily and others and feel sometimes lost or alone. Odds are, you can see yourself in one of them as a viewer.

4. There’s already been so many great moments – The show’s set these two up to be one of the greatest epic romances out there … and that’s why we know so many people want them together sooner rather than later! What’s the wait? As of right now, it’s mostly that Paige is still in a relationship with Tim. We don’t want to see her cheat (that doesn’t seem to be her character), but we do hope that there is an avenue that comes up where after that relationship is over, she starts to realize the feelings she has for her fellow team member.

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