TV Revivals: Should a ‘Person of Interest’ season 6 ever come to pass?

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It’s been less than a year now since “Person of Interest” came to a close over on CBS, but we are still of the belief that the events of this finale are still very much reverberating with many out there. This was a powerful, socially-conscious series that made you wonder how much the world, let alone the government, was watching you. This is certainly a show that is not going to be declining at all in terms of relevance over the course of the years ahead.

Before we go any further in this entry in our month-long TV Revivals series, we should say that the show as we knew it had a satisfying ending. We had a showdown, one that was incredibly intense, and one that ended up costing us Reese after we had previously already lost Root to a certain degree. She lived on as a the voice in the Machine, and there was a symbolism there that she and the object of her frequent obsession had become one, and had molded minds and thoughts after such a long-term relationship.

Yet, we still had that phone call. We had that fleeting glimpse that there could be something more coming up in the future, and that is the basis now for where we’re going to go with this article.

How to bring it back – Is the world of the Machine ever truly gone? There were moments within the final season where there was a potential pitch laid out for another version of the show, and it was one that made us wonder if Shaw, Reese, Finch, and Root were the only people out there doing this work. You could either go back and re-explore this concept, or do something that brings Finch back to where he started and is ready to take on some of this work once more. It may be a little more of a reboot than a revival, but this is not a show really giving you many other choices given the way in which it ended. It’s never going to be the same exact show again that it once was.

Will it happen? – Should it even happen? We’re not so sure about this. The thing is that we ideally wanted another 13-episode season 6 with the cast that we had prior to the deaths of Root and Reese. Now, it just wouldn’t be the same, and with Jonathan Nolan now on “Westworld” there’s not even time to do much with the idea anymore unless you cut him out of most of the show’s creative direction.

Ultimately, we wanted to write an article about this show because it’s one that we loved, and there could be some clamoring for a revival someday. We just don’t see there being any new ground that needs to be covered, or a way for it to live up to the hype of the original.

What do you think: Is there more of a “Person of Interest” story to tell, even if it’s not the same story? Share below, and be sure to head over here in the event you want some other news when it comes to “Person of Interest.” (Photo: CBS.)

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