TV Bachelors: Should ‘Blue Bloods’ season 7 give Frank Reagan a love interest?

Blue Bloods season 7When you look at the CBS crime show as a whole, it’s certainly true that this is not a program that really gives many people a whole lot of time in which to cultivate love. It took Jamie and Eddie years to even get to the point where they are considering it!

Yet, with this being said, we do think that there could be some time set aside for Frank to find someone, provided that it’s something that the show wants to do before the end. We do think that the timing is right, and that every other member of the family would be happy in the event that he had someone to go home to at the end of every day.

Who’s the right love interest? – In our mind, we’re thinking of someone who is very smart, and capable of challenging him even without knowing all of the ins and outs of police work. We’re thinking of someone who also rose up very high on the career ladder. It’d be interesting to see him with a Wall Street banker, a Chief Resident at a local hospital (maybe the one that Linda works at?), or even someone within the political world. There’s something inherently interesting about seeing Frank alongside a person who would create some more challenges for him, but that he would embrace them. It’d certainly create a good foil for some of the discussions that Frank tends to have about various ethical dilemmas.

Actually, this may be our favorite idea of all — have Frank get romantically intertwined with the owner of a newspaper, someone who operates within a world that so many people have, whether it be rightly or wrongly, come to fear this season.

Could it happen? – We’d love for it to be a storyline introduced in the finale, and then you can bring in an actress to recur heavily / be a regular in season 8 who appears in a good percentage of the episodes. If you did it this way, one of the things you could do is have her and Frank date over the summer, so that by the time the new season rolls around, she’s fairly established and the show doesn’t lose too much of its procedural feel.

What do you think: Should Frank get a love interest on “Blue Bloods” this season? Let us know your thoughts / reactions now in the comments!

(Photo: CBS.)

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