TV Revivals: Could a season 10 of ‘The Office’ ever actually happen?

The Office

Earlier this year, Steve Carell did a magnificent job trolling most of the internet by “announcing” on social media that “The Office” was going to be coming back on NBC. Moments later, however, he claimed that it was a mistake and he was actually talking about “Will & Grace.” For a brief matter of seconds, there were people convinced that there was actually going to be a chance to see Michael Scott on television again … and it was glorious.

Unfortunately, the reality is such: There is no apparent future for “The Office,” and it’s in part a shame because the first three seasons are some of the best network comedy we’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact, we’d be willing to make the argument that season 2 is one of the greatest seasons of any comedy series of all time. If the show could be like that again, we’d be overjoyed … though we’re also very aware of the fact that it may never be like that again. It certainly wasn’t after Carell departed.

How the show ended – We learned that while Michael was no longer living in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he had gotten everything that he could’ve possibly wanted. Meanwhile, the documentary about the office turned out to be a relative success to the point that some of the members of the branch had a relative amount of fame. Some people got away from Dunder-Mifflin altogether, while a few others stuck around. Dwight got married finally to Angela, and Jim and Pam continued to raise their family.

How to bring it back – The easiest thing to do here would be to start season 10 with the premise of everyone, including Michael, getting back together potentially for some sort of even or feature celebrating a milestone for the documentary. Have some of the current employees bring the former ones back to the office, and give everyone an excuse to be back around each other. Maybe you want to tell a story like the final season of “How I Met Your Mother” that is told over the course of a single weekend to keep things reasonably logical, since everyone has other lives that they will want to get back to.

Could it happen? – Sure … in dreams. There’s almost no way to imagine that the show ever finds a way to come back onto NBC given that everyone is off doing other things, including movies and other TV shows. Even with that, we’re not sure what the desire would be for everyone given that there were nine seasons and a series finale that made a great deal of sense and brought the entire journey full-circle. There’s no more story that HAS to be told, so it would only come back if there was an interest in everyone having more laughs. That may exist, but the scheduling would be almost impossible.

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