TV Bachelors: Should Michael Weatherly’s ‘Bull’ character have a long-standing love interest?

Bull -Mrs. Carter: Should there be a little more love in Dr. Jason Bull’s life?

One of the things we’ve learned through thirteen episodes of “Bull” so far this season is that he’s someone who tends to lead a pretty guarded life. He doesn’t speak too much about what i sgoing on with him outside of work, who he spends time with, or his family. We’ve got small doses of it here and there, but for the most part, he chooses to keep things rather hush-hush.

For the most part, we understand this given that this is not really a show about what Dr. Bull watches on TV or what he eats every morning for breakfast — it’s about his work, and it’s understandable that the show would like to continue to focus on that.

Isn’t there still a hunger for more than we have, though? From a romantic standpoint, we understand so. Earlier this season, we got to see a little bit of his ex Isabella Colon, who turned out to be a fascinating character both in terms of who she is and also some of her history with him. The fact that they went through so much together explains why Bull is so detached at times — he doesn’t want to leave himself in a vulnerable spot. We did see him show off a more flirtatious side on this past episode “The Fall” with Abigail Walsh, but there’s no clear guarantee that we’re ever going to see her on the show again.

Who could Bull date? – There’d be something fun in seeing him with someone else from a psychology background, mostly because they would be able to analyze him in the same way that he is able to jurors, and he’d lose any sort of advantage in that sense. The other alternative is to pair him up with someone so far removed from this world (take, for example, a professional tennis player or someone from a blue-collar background) that they could care less what he does. Sometimes, opposites do attract. You want to put him in situations where Michael Weatherly can utilize some of his comedic talents, and turn on the charm at the same time if need be.

We don’t necessarily need to see him get married to someone else anytime soon, but we would like to see a love interest around for 4-6 episodes as a means to better understand how his personal life operates now as opposed to when it did when he was with Isabella or anyone else.

The one thing that we have said is that we’d prefer the love interest to not be played be Cote de Pablo, mostly because it’d be nice to see the show differentiate itself from “NCIS.” We’ve already suggested that a better way to use her would be as an adversary, a Moriarty to his Sherlock Holmes.

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