‘Bones’ season 12: Why Brennan, Booth are one of TV’s signature couples

Bones -Mrs. Carter: Doesn’t the time feel right to celebrate Brennan and Booth?

With Valentine’s Day just a matter of days away, this is the time where we want to give a toast to love — and we certainly know that “Bones” is a show that loves their toasts! They’re also a show that does have a romantic soul, whether it be for the two aforementioned characters or some other couples like Cam and Arastoo or Hodgins and Angela. Still, it’s hard to think of a TV couple more universally loved that Brennan and Booth, and there are a number of reasons why the pairing works so well.

The performances – You have to start with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, who bring such energy and spirit to the characters. They’re generous with one another, they understand what the fans want, and they’re also unafraid to take on challenges. They’re two people who clearly love the role, and try to bring as much normalcy to the characters as possible — even if we are in the heightened world of a TV show. There is something still rather relatable about the two of them, even with their unusual jobs and incredible intellect.

The journey – It helps that these two characters were not rushed together in any sense. The writers really took their time to make sure that you cared about them individually before pairing them up, and they did this by highlighting their strengths and showing off their weaknesses. They didn’t try to make them perfect, but that you wanted to embrace all of them — even their flaws. The path to getting them together made the end result all the more worth it.

The struggles – It’s interesting that we appreciate the two of them more just because their marriage isn’t perfect, and the show doesn’t try to depict it that way. This isn’t a sitcom where everyone’s happy and silly at the end of every episode. We’ve seen them go through some big hardships (especially in the past few seasons), but they’ve found ways to overcome them.

The passion – In the end, the fact that these two characters love each other unconditionally is what makes you want to keep coming back to them — and why we’d be more than fine to see the show down the road. They’re a fun, meaningful TV couple who both anchor a series and give a positive, realistic depiction of love. TV would certainly be better if there were more relationships like this one.

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