TV Bachelors: Should ‘The Blacklist’ give James Spader’s Red a new love interest?

The Blacklist logo any seasonIf you watch “The Blacklist,” then there’s one thing that you know already about James Spader’s character — he’s not an easy person to have a relationship, with, romantic or otherwise. He’s incredibly enigmatic, he speaks in riddles, and he’s got so much life experience that almost anything that you have going on in your life pales in comparison.

Yet, his elusiveness is one of the reasons why the idea of pairing him up with someone is so enticing, especially at a time in which it’s been so long since his own romantic history has been explicitly brought up. Spader is known for playing charming characters, so of course any idea that allows him to full further from this skill set is something that would be both welcomed and embraced. With this said, you still have to find the right character for him to romance, since there are only so many people out there in the world that would make sense.

Who could it be? – Red needs someone who’s a bit of a mystery in their own way, and not just because they are wrapped up in some criminal organization. It’d be just as interesting if his love interest were a nurse, a professor, or a zoologist. It would just need to be someone very intelligent who would take an interest in him, and he wouldn’t quite understand why. It would perplex him, and make him work harder for some answers. This could be someone who would make Red want to be a little bit of a better person — not that he would or should keep secrets from them, but he should try to soften up some of the rougher corners of his organization. Eventually, it should be someone who makes him wonder whether or not his high-stress way of life is really worth it, and there could be other options out there. Maybe it would fail, and his past would still find a way to catch up to him. Even if this happened and the romance was short-lived, there would still be something fascinating in having this guy engage now in a great love story rather than just seeing him meet up with loves from the past.

Sure, Red is jaded and knows that there are only so many people he can trust. That’s what makes the idea of a love interest that pushes him beyond that so interesting.

Could it happen this season? – In theory, sure, but it feels like he’s preoccupied right now with his organization falling apart, and with the upcoming “Redemption” spin-off featuring Tom. Maybe if the show does get a season 5, this is something that could be explored further. It would be a nice wrinkle to touch on before we get to the end of the show.

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