TV Revivals: Imagining a ‘White Collar’ season 7 featuring Matt Bomer and more

There aren’t a whole lot of TV shows out there anymore quite like “White Collar.” It was a show that brought you intelligence, twists, drama, and a little bit of humor. It also provided an excellent opportunity to get Matt Bomer on TV on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, it’s now been a good two and a half years since we’ve had a chance to see the various capers of Bomer’s Neal Caffrey on the air, and it felt at the time it ended that there were still many more opportunities to explore where the show could go moving forward. Neal was targeting the Louvre, and after thinking for some time that he was dead, Peter (Tim DeKay) realized otherwise in the closing minutes. Mozzie (Willie Garson), meanwhile, seemed to be on his way to meet up with his longtime partner-in-crime. It was an ending that reminded us of the classic “James Bond will return” tagline at the end of many of his movies — the only difference was that there weren’t any plans to make any more of this show. There is always a plan for more Bond.

How to bring it back – Given that the final season was only six episodes, we don’t see any reason why you couldn’t do something like this again and either put it on USA or a streaming service. Tell the story of Neal’s operation in France, and how he and Peter could end up joining forces once more. You can end the show in a way that still feels right for the characters, but offer up a little more fun and adventure first. While the series finale felt like the perfect way to close things off, it wasn’t constructed in such a way that adding more to it would ruin anything.

Also, please bring Hilarie Burton back as Sara. Her lack of an appearance in the final season remains one of the show’s biggest loose ends — if for no other reason than for nostalgic purposes.

Could it happen? – For USA, the funny thing here is that ratings don’t seem like a huge issue. “White Collar” averaged the same thing for its final season (a 0.4 in the 18-49 demographic) that “Suits” is now, and it outperformed the recent average for “Mr. Robot” season 2. It may not be the cheapest show to film due to its setting, but we don’t think that this is a show immune to picking up new viewers thanks to Bomer’s star power and its easy-to-explain premise.

Getting everyone back together may be more of a challenge, especially since Bomer is starring in “The Last Tycoon” over on Amazon. He’d have to find time in his schedule that not only lined up with creator Jeff Eastin (you can’t do the show without him), but also the remainder of the show’s cast members.

Do you want to see “White Collar” back on the air?

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