TV Bachelors: Can we get Hank Voight from ‘Chicago PD’ a date?

Chicago PDMrs. Carter: Who wants to play matchmaker?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought that the timing would be great to look at some of the best TV Bachelors and Bachelorettes — and in this case, we’re not talking about the sort that hands out roses on group dates, even if the idea of that in theory would be pretty hilarious with Hank Voight of “Chicago PD” at the helm.

Hank is a man who has dealt with a tremendous amount of grief in his life — he’s lost the woman he loves, and he’s also still nursing the pain from losing his son. He also has a tough, gut-wrenching job that requires him to work in one of the most dangerous cities in the country. This is not a guy with a lot of time to think about love — but then again, isn’t this probably why he needs it more then anyone? We like to think so.

Now, the challenge here comes in finding Voight the right love interest that adds to the character, without taking away part of what makes him the person that he is.

The ideal love interest – Voight needs someone who is very smart, independent, and has a very kind, loving heart who will bring out the best in him; however, at the same time he needs someone who won’t put up with the walls he likes to put up. This person will need to make him feel like it’s okay for him to love again, but not that it’s okay for him to be a bull in a china shop every time he gets wound up from work. A good character for this could be a schoolteacher in a tough neighborhood who he meets while out on a case. She’s someone who would understand the difficulties of his job, but be committed and supportive of what he’s fighting to fix. She would also understand the value of kindness and inspiration.

Could it actually happen? – We do think that eventually, the series will explore giving Hank a chance to have a new romantic relationship. The question is mostly about timing. Maybe they try it at the end of this season, though we figure that “Chicago Justice” and bringing back Ruzek are two of the immediate focuses right now. We know that there is also a big group of people who ‘ship him with Olivia Benson — the issues there are that we don’t think she would tolerate for a second any of his vigilante act (not that we think any other love interest would, either), and that we want to see him with someone who could feasibly appear on more than an episode or two a season.

Do you want to see Voight get a new love interest on “Chicago PD”? Vote below, and head over here to check out some other recent casting news for the show! (Photo: NBC.)

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