TV Bromances: Why are McGarrett, Danny of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ so great?

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Mrs. Carter: Why should we only celebrate romance on Valentine’s day? What about the bromances?

As we’re get closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, it’s time to celebrate those we love, but it doesn’t have to only be romantic partners. We’re going to be talking about some of the best TV Romances over the course of the next several days, but to go along with that the time feels right to celebrate some of the best TV bromances out there … and there is no better bromance than the one between McGarrett and Danny on “Hawaii Five-0.”

If you look around the TV landscape, one thing is clear — few other shows bring the bromance quite like Steve and Danny on “Hawaii Five-0.” They’re funny, devoted to each other, and we can watch a solid hour of the two of them bickering and not get bored with it.

The fun factor – The first component to any great friendship / bromance / whatever else you want to call it is that you enjoy watching the two of them together. This is one of the hallmarks of “Hawaii Five-0” as a whole. Steve and Danny know each so well that we’d consider them brothers, and they bicker like an old married couple. You want to watch these two challenge each other, and occasionally throw a little smack-talk back and forth. They’re relatable since you probably know guys who are like this in life; heck, it’s possible that you’re one of them!

They care about each other – It’s pretty easy to say this when you’ve got Danny giving up part of his liver for his friend. They’ve got a bond that not many other cop duos out there on TV have, and it’s part of what really makes the two of them special. They’re going to fight for each other, and they’re happy to spend time together away from the job.

Of course, they also work together – One of the reasons why cop shows work so well on TV is that you have a lot of variety on the show. You can throw these guys undercover together, send them out to the beach to enjoy some shrimp at Kamekona’s truck, or have them hunkered down trying to stop a terrorist in Hawaii. The show can do something different with them every episode and allow them to build a personal and professional relationship at the same time.

What more can you do? – Given that this is the seventh season, the show’s already done so much already! We’d say that one of the things that the show could focus on to bolster the bromance even more is find some other ways to separate the two guys from the rest of the team, and force them to rely solely on each other. This isn’t exactly unheard of on this show (it’s been done many times before), but this is often where we get to see Steve and Danny at their most resourceful … and also at their most hilarious

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