‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 14 review: Ruzek, Burgess reunite; the truth about Rixton

Rixton -The last episode of “Chicago PD” didn’t have any movement on our regular cast and their personal stories, but it did a fantastic job of making us feel fairly uncomfortable. Not only that, the case of the week involving Halstead showed us just how difficult undercover work can be as he had to make some really uncomfortable decisions to get to a killer.

On tonight’s episode, let’s just say that someone else just got a chance to stop being undercover in Adam Ruzek. He was able to return to the force after his mission, and upon seeing Kim Burgess, let’s just say that neither wasted a whole lot of time making it clear just how happy that they were in order to be around each other once more. They had a brief, romantic kiss that certainly means that they could be closer to being together. There are no guarantees, but rest assured that this was still a sight that we were very much still happy to see.

As for everything else that we saw during this episode, one of the biggest things that brought a smile to our face was seeing how wrong our own preconceived notions about Kenny Rixton truly were. All this time, we thought that he was this dirty cop who Voight was wrong to trust, but the reality here is that he was one of the only good guys in his gang unit who was not a reason for all the indictments being handed down. Voight was right to give him the vote of confidence, and in the closing minutes, Halstead and Atwater specifically let him know that they were sorry for hitting him with such a judgment in the first place.

As for the rest of the episode – The mission tonight was reasonably interesting, largely because of the opportunity it provided in order to let us see a complicated case that was almost like a mini three-way crossover. We had a fire, a trip to the hospital, and in the end Trudy Platt being a hero after she was able to use a mentally ill man, one desperately searching for his dog, in order to get some information about the true perpetrator. For whatever reason, animal reunions are one of those things that make us tear up time and time again, so there was a heck of a lot to like over the course of this episode. We definitely had many emotional moments, whether it be sadness over what happened to cause the case to glee at seeing Burgess and Ruzek start to make some movement forward.

All in all, a nice day at the office for “Chicago PD,” especially in terms of surprising us several times over and bucking expectations of the case and the people involved. Grade: B+.

In case you missed it: We recently spoke to Marina Squerciati about what it’s been like partnering up with Olinsky as well as how she felt about Ruzek’s absence. You can check that out at the link here. (It’s funny seeing what she had to say about tonight’s episode in retrospect.)

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Chicago PD”? Leave us a comment below. Also if you want more scoop on “Chicago PD” then head on over to the link here where you can catch a preview for the next new episode. (Photo: NBC)

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