‘Suits’ season 6, episode 13 review: Mike has a little faith; Louis has a little spat

Suits -At the end of last night’s new episode of “Suits,” Mike Ross made some of his first big moves at the legal clinic, and did everything that he could in order to ensure that a woman in Sophia Price found herself free from eviction due to some greedy landlords. He was doing his best in order to fulfill his mission of trying to help people.

So was Sophia taking advantage of him? That was a question floated at one point by some rival attorneys, but we’re glad that it’s not coming to pass — this is a cynical world. We don’t need an overly cynical show.

The struggle that Mike faced is trying to get Sophia the money she deserved was that he didn’t want to trust Oliver with it. The upstart attorney bombed the last time he was in front of a jury, and he was concerned that he would do so again. Unfortunately, the more that we saw, and the more it became clear that he really did not have that much of a choice in the matter. All of his other options were started to dry up. This led to Mike making it clear to Oliver that he was wrong to ever steer away from him, and he was going to bust his butt to make sure that nothing happened to him and he was successful in court.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Anthony couldn’t get it together in the shark tank that is court, and when Mike objected, it only made matters worse.

Rachel’s new problem – She wasn’t going to be able to take the Bar, and because of that, Harvey had to scramble to find a way to correct this, whether it be via a lawsuit or by some other means. What we saw was the beginnings of a path to get her precisely what she deserved, and it actually turned out that it was about legal leverage more than Rachel’s relationship with Mike.

Donna’s new innovation – This was a story that came completely out of left field, but that was fine just on the basis of how random and funny it was. Benjamin from the IT department had been secretly working on a project for a long time to turn her voice into a digital assistant. Think of this as Donna meets Alexa. If this was any other person, maybe they wouldn’t love the idea of their voice being used and manipulated in this sort of way. Yet, this is Donna, and she is the sort of person who’s always down for a risk or two.

Unfortunately for Benjamin, Donna did eventually get tired of the idea, and she made it clear to him that she was over the idea. It’s hard to imagine that he’s going to let this go. We saw proof of that in the closing minutes, when he came back to her offering her a chance to learn more about who she really is.

Louis takes on insecurity – Tonight, he wasn’t trying to make anyone feeling Litt up at all. Instead, what he wanted to do was simply hold the peace with Tara’s ex at an ultrasound appointment for their unborn child. Unfortunately, when Tara’s ex didn’t show up for the appointment, Louis flew off the handle. He’s starting to get used to being around her, which in turn means that she is starting to see some of his flaws. He didn’t get too down over the argument; instead, he took this as a challenge to be better, and he did just that.

Overall take – A very good episode, albeit a sad one given that Mike lost his case. Yet, we did see Donna move forward with her new venture, and Louis try to patch things up.

What was your take on tonight’s new episode of “Suits”? Let us know some of your thoughts below, and you can also head over here if you are curious in seeing what is coming up next. (Photo: USA.)

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