‘Timeless’ episode 14 review: Getting the gang back together

Lost Generation -There were several things that the team at “Timeless” learned on NBC Monday night, but the biggest one is rather simple: There is no replacing the O.G. Time Travelers. You can send Rufus and Lucy back in time, but without Wyatt, it doesn’t doesn’t work out nearly as well.

Let’s face it — the trip back to the 1920’s in France was a borderline disaster for the two. Their new “partner” died, the two of them found themselves in constant danger, and they didn’t do a whole lot to slow down Garcia Flynn. In terms of historical figures, we did get a chance to meet Charles Lindbergh and Ernest Hemingway, two people who did challenge the notion of perception in their era in a big way. Of course, for Lindbergh what we saw was a situation where it just led to Lucy wondering what in the world could have caused such a transformation for him from who he was after the famous flight to the figure he became to be later in life.

To draw a parallel, this made her wonder whether she could transform as well into the Rittenhouse operative that she did not expect to ever become. This is who her father was almost dooming her to be at the start of the episode.

Rittenhouse is everywhere – This is one of the biggest twists of the hour, as we saw Agent Christopher’s entire operation overtaken by Neville (Jim Beaver) and an entire team of “agents.” At first, this just looked like punishment for allowing Wyatt to go back in time with the Lifeboat. However, Christopher’s visit to Wyatt led to some interesting conversations, one where the two pieced together that there was no way that the NSA could’ve mobilized this whole team so quickly after what happened with Wyatt. This was the work of Rittenhouse, and every person was involved! Nice twist that we didn’t anticipate.

These discussions allowed Agent Christopher to tow the line between what was legal and what was just (something that Sakina Jaffrey teased to us recently in an interview), giving Wyatt just enough in order to ensure that he would be able to break out of his current situation and rejoin his fellow team members after they returned from their trip through time. They still have Jiya working on the inside, and the reality still is that Neville’s going to need them if they really share the goal of wanting to stop Flynn.

What makes “Timeless” so good, and in many ways so complicated, is that you’ve got three different forces who recognize at times that they need one another. Lucy’s in one corner, Flynn’s in another, and Rittenhouse is in the third. It’s one giant triangle, and the lines are getting closer and closer to intersecting.

Overall – While there was no resonant performance like we saw in “Karma Chameleon” with Matt Lanter, “The Lost Generation” still brought a lot to the table. This was an episode that gave us a good sense of the magnitude of what exactly the team was going to be up against for the rest of the season; plus, it was great to just have the crew of Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus back together by the end, set to start kicking butt and taking names. Grade: B+.

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