‘The Bachelor’ episode 6 review: On Whitney Frensway, Jasmine Goode, Danielle Lombard’s tropical trouble

Whitney -Monday night’s new episode of “The Bachelor” was a pretty rough night all around for our lead in Nick Viall. Despite being in such a stunning Caribbean location, the theme of the night was insecurity and indecision.

Not only that, but there were so many women who departed over the course of the night that it didn’t feel altogether like there is really a need for there to be a Rose Ceremony at all.

First Elimination – Jasmine Goode. At the Group Date, she struggled mightily when it comes to dealing with the fact that she was the only person of the group without either a special rose or a one-on-one date — we would’ve honestly been fine with her just saying “peace out” here, given that it felt very much clear that she wasn’t going to have much of a chance at winning this season. Typically, if you’re still around and with zero dates at this point, it’s really just code for “cannon fodder.” Raven received the rose at the end of this, which is something that she’s received quite a few of this season.

Second Elimination – Whitney Frensway. Given how little air time that she received throughout the season, you probably won’t have much of a memory of her by the finale. She is the token recipient this time around of the “getting abandoned somewhere on a two-on-one” treatment. She and Danielle Lombard for some reason were forced into this, even though neither one of them were lightning rods when it came to drama.

Third Elimination – Danielle Lombard. This one was awkward. Even though Nick decided to send Whitney home over her on the two-on-one date, he decided that he wasn’t feelin’ being around her all that much, either. This. Was. Awkward. Specifically, this was incredibly awkward when we got to the point where we were watching Danielle talk and talk and talk, and Nick was not having it in the slightest. You could read it all over his face.

Aside from the three eliminations, the most compelling part of the episode was hearing Kristina’s heartbreaking story. It’s the sort of thing that does make us want to see more of her on this franchise. While it seems unlikely that she’ll become the Bachelorette or the winner of this season, could we get her on “Bachelor in Paradise”? It’d be better than nothing. What made this date rather painful was that in the process of all of this craziness, we were forced to watch Corinne basically be Corinne back at the hotel, getting room service and living the high life. It definitely gives you some more contrast into how different people act based on where they come from and the history that they’ve had.

If there is a word that we’d use to describe Monday’s episode, it’s “depressing.” We saw a ton of self-doubt from Nick, a lot of eliminations, and even the women who are still around are nervous. Other than Kristina, there wasn’t much in the way of good news in this episode. Grade: C+.

What did you think about tonight’s episode, and all of the eliminations that came over the course of it? Share in the comments! Also, head over here to get some more news, including a preview for what’s coming up next. (Photo: ABC.)

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